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Can confirm. I was walking around in a small village in Egypt when two small girls, who didn't know any English, took my hands and brought me to their home. Their father and mother served me and my friends coffee and some snacks. It was absolutely delightful and not the only time it happened while I was there. I've never been more accepted traveling before that.

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It's the equivalent of pointing at something and having a native speaker tell you in their language what it is so you learn the word. Spelling something out in ASL, 9/10 times, will result in you learning a new sign. It's awesome. I wish I kept up with my ASL.

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I'm 33 and have/had that same dream. You're not alone.

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my boyfriend is starting EMT school today with the FDNY as his goal. Any advice?

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I used to work in a post production studio, and I have met Anson a couple times. I can confirm this. I can also say, that he is a total sweetheart. I loved when he came in to do ADR.