As requested by the Mods a "short bio"

I'm white, in my 20's, 4'5", like Taco Bell at 2am and my experience is cab driving.

and I shot my dad with a crossbow

As for Uber this I believe is my best explanation so far.

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Wait. I think people haven't realized you shot your dad with a fucking crossbow. How'd you shoot your dad with a crossbow?! Why?

Taxi_Time180 karma

Say whore one more time.

synsofhumanity33 karma

I think the most important question here is did he in fact shit gold?

Taxi_Time27 karma

Even more important question what interest rate does the Iron Bank charge?

synsofhumanity14 karma

Might not be too good, what with the queen ruining the realms credit rating

Taxi_Time17 karma

Can we pay in wildfire?

grumpygooch71 karma

Why don't you switch to Uber, seems better for both the driver and passenger?

How many runners have you caught, how many have got away?

Taxi_Time87 karma

3 years no runners.

knock on wood

but in my state it's a misdemeanor: Theft of service. Cops will be called. In most cases that person called from a cellphone. They track ya down that way. Cite ya. Then you pay the fine and fare to the court. Court sends the driver a check. Never heard of a runner who hasn't been caught

sub_surfer41 karma

Note to self: call from a pay phone.

Taxi_Time4 karma

I think it has to do with the availability of pay phones in the area

A_Big_Bowl_of_NOPE69 karma

In my experience, cabbies really prefer to deal in cash rather than cards, sometime being downright irrate if you attempt to pay with a card, despite credit machines being installed in every cab (At least in my city). Is there a reason for this stigma? Do you lose a percentage when they pay by card?

Taxi_Time57 karma

The driver is charged a percentage of the credit card transaction. 5%-25%

Personally I don't care if you pay in cash or card. In my state most cab drivers are independent contractors and rent the vehicle (a lease for the day) and the equipment. These cab businesses would also slap on a fee for providing the credit card reader and transaction.

I recall from talking to drivers from competing companies the fee was 5-25% of the fare (the company I work for was in the mid range). So if you took a cab from point A to point B(FE) and your fare was $100, you paid with credit card then the cab company would charge the driver a credit card percentage fee to their account. So at the end of their 12 hour shift when they drop off the car, they have to pay the Lease, fill up the tank, and those credit card fees. Then they get to keep what was left.

Most cab companies are dropping that credit card fee because the driver will use this product which runs at a competitive rate, but adding fees elsewhere.

From all that you could see why they would prefer you pay cash.

A_Big_Bowl_of_NOPE26 karma

A 5% fee seems nominal, but at the high end of that range I can totally understand being reluctant. Square reader is a really great product. It's empowering a lot of businesses to accept cards. I see a huge number of companies using Square + Ipad as a cash register now rather than pay for an entire Point of Sale system. Thanks for you response!

halcyoncmdr13 karma

The Square retail software actually functions almost as an entire POS system now. The ability to track most things through it provides a very low cost to entry for many small businesses.

Ubel4 karma

But does it have the function to track purchases made with Cash, and not credit purchases made using the app?

Like I could ring someone up for something and hit "cash" rather than have them swipe their card, so it would still keep accounting.

I have no idea how its tracking works but if it functions similar to a POS, I'd think it would have that ability ... maybe.

Taxi_Time4 karma

I'm not sure what you mean but with the meter and credit card reader I can put in a command that they paid in cash and it will print out a receipt if that's what you're asking for.

Yoddle39 karma

Whats your view on Uber?

Taxi_Time62 karma

I'm glad someone finally asked.

Honestly we don't care.

We only ask that Uber/Lyft etc. play by the same rules when it comes to insurance. If you take someone from point A to point B in your vehicle in return for payment then you most likely fall into category as a Taxi. That means you must have the vehicles insured (taxi insurance rate vary by state) at all times, regardless of a passenger being in the vehicle or not. The Uber related apps do not have their vehicles insured at all times making their expenses considerably cheap that companies simply cannot compete. If local companies could switch from a business insurance to the drivers personal insurance depending on occupancy of a passenger than it would be fair.

Plenty of co-workers have jumped ship to Uber which is great. I would love to drive for Uber but probably will not unless I purchase a second vehicle. I prefer to drive bar/club scene and that means people puking in your cab. You get where I'm going.

Also some cabbies drive for a local company and uber as well.

Yoddle24 karma

Uber doesn't have any vehicles tho; they are all contracted drivers. When they drive w/ Uber, Uber insures them. Why should Uber be responsible for a contractor when they aren't driving for them?

Taxi_Time14 karma

Uber insures them only when a passenger is in the vehicle.

Yoddle12 karma

My understanding is they are covered as soon as they accept the fare on the device? Is this correct? So they are covered when they are in rout to pick up the costumer.

I just don't understand why Uber would need to cover a driver if they are not working for them at the time.

Taxi_Time14 karma

Then why would a local cab company need to insure a driver full time if they're not doing business?

purdueracer7818 karma

This seems to have more to do with insurance companies than state laws. Insurance companies love it when you pay for insurance you're not using.

Taxi_Time4 karma

The Taxi and Limousines industry is governed differently by each state. My state law or regulations are lax compared to New York or other states. It's pretty simple though be insured and be registered with the governmental agency that oversees that industry. There are some other thing but that goes into limos vs taxis etc

mcwilly11 karma

An uber driver told me that the puker's card is charged for the cleanup of the puke.

Taxi_Time25 karma

And rightfully so but have you ever seen someone puke in a car? it's get all in the seats. The nooks and crannies. The liquid seeps into the fabric. It finds crevices you weren't even aware. You do your best to find and clean what you can but eventually you park your car over night and the sun comes up and starts to bake that little bit you can't find.

Have you ever been dutch oven'ed? Now think of it like that but with puke. Now think about it happening in your own personal car on multiple occasions.

Also take into the consideration the wear and tear of the remainder of the vehicle. An average shift I'll driver anywhere from 150-250 miles.

blueangora4 karma

...So, what's Uber?

Taxi_Time13 karma

I think it's best described as a taxi cab service via smartphone app. Pretty cool I recommend you check it out

atreeinthewind1 karma

Do you know anyone who uses the Uber taxi function or this is not allowed by your company/area? I use this regularly because I'd prefer a regular cab and the uber app is a lot more efficient than calling.

Taxi_Time1 karma

Driver for local companies will register their personal vehicles with uber and while driving a shift for the taxi company they will take uber calls as well.

Double dip. Make more money that way. It's a big no no from what I hear but it happens

chasteman29 karma

In addition to proof, why the fuck are most taxi drivers shitty drivers?

Taxi_Time51 karma

two possible reasons

  1. Your Cabbie is foreign. The industry is a great way for immigrants to learn their way around the city and also pick up the language. Pro's and Con's to that

  2. Depending on your state regulation, your cabbie is an old retired truck driver.

And by retired I mean, no longer meets or exceeds the health requirement for CDL license

Find a good cab driver and grab their cell# Stick with em

Sallyloua29 karma

My worst nightmare is having the flu and puking in a cab. If that happens in a cab what is the best protocol for a rider? What do cabbies prefer?

Taxi_Time46 karma

Head out the window

pay the clean up fee

If no clean up fee tip big

phoenix0r24 karma

Your bio says 4'5"... does being that short making driving all day a challenge?

Taxi_Time51 karma

Do Lannisters love incest?

latuduh18 karma

What do most taxi drivers do with phones/tablets when they are left in cabs. I had that happen twice, once the guy returned the phone and the other time my sister left hers and it was never seen again. In your experience do most drivers make an effort to return the valuables or put them in lost and found? Have you ever known a driver that makes money by selling lost phones or tablets?

Taxi_Time41 karma

I always return a phone. I work mostly with regulars and people I know so I go out of my way to return it to them. Also people tip when you return it, so there's an incentive too.

If find it and don't know whose it, I'll turn into our company lost and found. I'll even answer if it rings and tell that person to inform the owner.

With any industry people are just scumbags, some drivers might not return it :( personally i dont know anyone who makes money selling found phones/tablets but im sure those people are out there

Also consider this: I'm your driver taking you to a bar. We arrive, you pay, you exit the vehicle, I'm counting the money and tip you gave me. Your phone fell out of your pocket while climbing out of the vehicle. Because I was sitting in front a bar and counting my money someone immediately hopped into the back of my cab needing a ride. They saw your phone first. We would have to hope that person was truthful.

itsmyotherface17 karma

Do you know any drivers who have hit someone, and what happened?

I"ve almost been hit twice (once while crossing the street completely legally, another while I'm walking down the sidewalk). I'm told that pedestrian hit and runs in my city are scarily common, and nothing happens to the drivers.

Taxi_Time17 karma

I saw a cabbie (from a competing company hit a pedestrian) Drunk dude thought he was gonna J-walk. Never saw him get back up :(

CartManJon14 karma

Who are you always talking to on the phone?

Taxi_Time14 karma

I wish I had a cool answer but I don't.

Usually other cabbies. I have two other cabbies that I keep in touch with constantly when I'm working shift. We share info like: stripper boxing at Club X needs cabbies or Medical convention this week hit the high end hotels.

ItsJoelyMate11 karma

Worst thing you've seen/had in your cab?

Taxi_Time22 karma

I picked up a couple who seemed to have just met at a club.

They were all over each other. Out of the corner of my eye I saw what appeared to be the lady's dickskinners wrapped around this guys jimmy. In my mind I'm panicking, if that gun goes off it could shoot me in the back of the head.

I'm scared.

Wait! I know this road. The Marriott is a quarter mile away. I can make it. Pedal meets medal. I pull in, tell them to pay and get the fuck out. Throw some hateful words their direction and also threats about calling the cops etc etc.

It's probably not the worse but it's what came to mind first.

Reed_Solomon10 karma

Question 1: Why do cabbies always take the most rounadabout route possible, and why are they unable to follow simple instructions like "go straight" and "turn left at ..."

Question 2: What will you do for a living when taxi drivers are replaced with self driving cars?

Taxi_Time20 karma

  1. I drive at night and when people get mad for me not taking their directions I have to explain to their drunk ass "No I can't turn left at a red light."

  2. I'm in college racking up student loans so... Indentured Slavery?

StumbleOn6 karma

Follow up to Question 1: Every cab I have taken the driver has literally taken one of the worst routes you can take. This was about ten cabs and probably five services. The actual question: if given a specific path by a not-drunk person would you likely ignore it?

I asked the last few drivers why they are ignoring my instructions and they just didn't fucking answer. No tip.

Taxi_Time8 karma

I can only speak for myself. I'm a mild mannered 20 something caucasian.

I'll try to be nice, give you the best advice on a travel route. But if you're rude I'll shut up and take your directions because you will probably not know the cheaper route. My meter runs on a timer and distance so it's whatevs to me

somecow7 karma

Who the hell are you talking to on your phone? Seriously, why are cities banning uber (Austin here), even though they just plain don't have decent cab service?

Taxi_Time4 karma

Because politicians would rather allow exemptions than to restructure the way the industry is regulated. It's all fucked

peng818287 karma

Does the fake taxi exist?

Taxi_Time8 karma


peng818289 karma

It was a porn reference. Anyway, what's the weirdest request you've gotten as a taxi driver?

Taxi_Time31 karma

Gay dudes try to blow me and women try to show their tits instead paying their fare.

I'm straight and love breasts but I need money

nprovein5 karma

You can accept tits in lieu of a tip. but you still need the main fare.

Taxi_Time16 karma

can't pay student loans with tits :(

Door_Knob7 karma


Taxi_Time8 karma

I think I answered this one

leozander7 karma

Whats the most what the fuck moment you've had in your taxi?

Taxi_Time17 karma

Guys going out for the night. Ditched their friend. Heading to the destination and were discussing about how to approach said friend and inform his SO is legitimately "mildly retarded"

They were telling me about the "signs" they saw and the entire ride I was thinking "how did this guy not know?"

MikedaSnipe1 karma


Taxi_Time5 karma

I can't remember since hitting the back of my head in the car accident

ben56476 karma

What's one of the worst customers that you had to deal with?

Taxi_Time30 karma

Step 1 Learn quick, and recognize a situation before it occurs.

The couple approaching mycab while arguing. Sorry I'm on my lunch break.

Dude so intoxicated he can't enter the vehicle himself and is having 5 people try to toss him into the cab and ditch him. No. He's not going in my cab by his lonesome. I'm a cab driver not a baby sitter.

The worse though? Domestic violence. People are just horrible. I try not to get myself involved but you have to remind yourself that as a cabbie you're probably their only exit.

comatose956 karma

Best thing to eat at Taco Bell?

Taxi_Time11 karma

2 Chicken Chalupas, one soft/crispy taco and a large pepsidsiofajdfakjdsla BAJA BLAST

tenehemia6 karma

You talkin' to me?

Taxi_Time8 karma

Not if I can help it.

tenehemia3 karma

But seriously, do you like Taxi Driver?

Taxi_Time3 karma

I've never seen it all the way through :(

Light_the_L5 karma

How much would you charge to let me fool around with someone while you took us to our destination? Has that ever happened?

Taxi_Time7 karma

No it hasn't happened sorry man. But if someone approached me for an offer like that I would more than happily give them a sex-free ride to an affordable hotel.

colormefeminist4 karma

i can never go into a taxi cab again, the last one i was in smelled like shit and the one before that smelled like rotting eggs. the current taxi industry is laughably sitting on its laurels as Millenials create new apps/businesses to disrupt the disgusting businesses out there.

you already explained your thoughts on Uber, what about Lyft? Consumers are literally racing away from using cabs!!

Taxi_Time11 karma

Lyft isn't very popular in my area but from what I've heard you drive them home in their car. Depending on what the insurance is provided by Lyft. Customers are shady and I would hate to someone accuse me of damage that I didn't do.

Edit: Also I'm a millennial and am paying for my college tuition by being a cab driver. Half our revenue is from contracts from insurance companies and cities. So we will be around longer than Uber would prefer. Your grandmother Hazel diabetes and is too weak to drive to her dialysis appointment across the city. Her insurance will pay my company to have a driver to take her to the appointment and return her from the appointment. Last night a man called the 911 because he was having trouble breathing. 911 operator asked if he would like an ambulance dispatched to his residence. He declined due to not having insurance. The fire department contacted my company and paid me $10 to drive him 1/4 mile down the road.

Also Uber cars start to smell like shit after so many passengers puke in them. Then you complain to Uber that his car smells like shit and Uber removes him from the service until he fixes the problem. It's why I like the idea of Uber.

DreadPiratesRobert2 karma

Have you thought about getting your EMT license? I do basically the same thing as you (especially dialisis) but I get paid a fixed rate even if I don't get calls, and its super easy.

I work transport, not 911. Doing it to pay for college as well.

Taxi_Time3 karma

I'm in college. Also I'm an independent contractor and my company allows me to work whatever schedule I like. Only requires to come in at least once everyday 30 days

Taxi_Time5 karma

I edited my last reply.

And I think it's 'Resting on their laurels'

mikayakatnt4 karma

What type of hats do you like to wear?

Taxi_Time5 karma

None usually.

cellofello2 karma

I haven't seen an answer to this this question, I'll ask: What's stopping you from switching to Uber? Is there something we don't know about that makes it unappealing to drivers?

Taxi_Time3 karma

I mentioned before that I'm not interested in using my personal car. Just transporting people in my personal car and having someone puke. Spill beer. The wear and tear on the vehicle. Average shift is 150-250miles. Only half is highway

jrlmets2 karma

What's the most expensive thing that someone has left in your cab?

Taxi_Time21 karma

iPhone. They were from out of town and I dropped them off at the airport. As I'm leaving, I hear ringing in the backseat. It was the newer model of iPhone the week it came out. So I answered it. "Are you right where I dropped you?" "Yup" Make my way back around and return it. Dude handed me a dub bill and I left. Really nice of him.

Nothing else more than a phone from what I can recall. But I did kick people out of my car trying doing bumps of cocaine.

I_spy_w_my_Goldeneye10 karma

What the hell is a dub bill?

Taxi_Time16 karma


surendrarmc2 karma

You're really a doctor from India aren't you?

Taxi_Time3 karma

Close, Pakistan

Rebelpride12 karma

I've never been outside of Texas, and my accent shows it badly. I'm visiting Chicago for a week next month. As a young adult (18), what should I look out for, and do you have any tips?

Taxi_Time4 karma

Use a smartphone to google the address before you get into a car. That way you know the best possible route. Tell the driver the address. Kind of act like you know the way like you took this route earlier and ask why he went that way etc. I've seen people on here advise to never give the address and direct the cabbie where to go. If you do that I would assume you're going to rob me.

But the best advice is to be a good judge of character. Find a cabbie who doesn't seem desperate grab his cell number. If he's not available ask if he has fellow cabbie available

doopercooper-11 karma

Why are you guys acting like a bitch about the new apps like Uber that allow individuals to use their cars as a cab?

I hope these apps continue to grow across the country and are not successfully banned in cities.

Taxi_Time7 karma

Your mouth is foul.

But all we are asking is that they have be required insurance at all times. At least the industry of my state is. Most drivers are indifferent to Uber. Keep in the most ignorant are always the most loudest.

But from our prospective, imagine you're a doctor you've done your schooling, you're insured, bonded and or whatever. Now your neighbor who dropped out of medical sets up a practice next door to yours and steals your patients because he charges a cheaper rate because does not have malpractice insurance. Why? because he calls it Medical-sharing and says its not really a medical practice. Now you're sitting there with a shrinking market share because the government requires you to keep paying for malpractice insurance and you have to charge a certain rate to cover that cost. See where that's going?

The same goes for Tesla as Uber. I'm actually very supportive of both companies.

However, I think everyone should have to play by the same rules or there not be any rules. Tesla should be able to sell directly to consumers without having to go through a dealership. GM, Ford, and Chrysler should be allowed that same privilege. Just as I think Uber should be allowed to continue it's business practice, current local taxi companies should be allowed to structure their insurance plan in the same manner.

jagedlion2 karma

Isn't there also the issue of picking people up? I thought something like cabs had to be licensed in the city to pick people off the street, but not to pick people who ordered the cab specifically (at least in a city I used to live). By making the apps easy enough to use, it reduces the number of hailers, which are fares normally going to cabs.

Taxi_Time1 karma

Each state is different. New York and Las Vegas are very strict on some ting but my states regulations are more relaxed.