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Can you elaborate or link to the post, thanks

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i can never go into a taxi cab again, the last one i was in smelled like shit and the one before that smelled like rotting eggs. the current taxi industry is laughably sitting on its laurels as Millenials create new apps/businesses to disrupt the disgusting businesses out there.

you already explained your thoughts on Uber, what about Lyft? Consumers are literally racing away from using cabs!!

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but Manning didn't release it to the public, he released it all to Wikileaks to have them filter through the data and release it little by little, but a journalist for the New York Times leaked the encryption key to the encrypted "insurance" file that contained all of the info Manning gave to Wikileaks

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incest with his twin brother?

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How do I convince my friends who are lawyers that Aaron was the victim of over-zealous prosecution? They always point to his mental problems as if he just should have known that he wasn't going to be given the worst sentencing...