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CartManJon252 karma

Well then, the benefits must not be so great after all

CartManJon209 karma

Do you get free hot dogs?

CartManJon150 karma

You better NOT scratch it. Otherwise you won't get a tip

CartManJon21 karma

Who decided on using the RJ-45 (8P8C) connector? I love that it never falls out but the strain relief prong always gets broken off! Couldn't you have picked a connector with snagless strain relief? (I know that many people make snagless cables, but they can be hard to unplug in a tight space)

CartManJon19 karma

Typically, I expect system integrators and the like to work when a business is closed, so customers do not see you working/see what you are installing/see where you are installing it. But most casinos are 24 hours, how does this affect your installation work?