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When I proposed to my wife Jasmin, I had this playing in the background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7jrVOGHJiQ

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Out of all the companies I have dealt with, no one has been more aggressive than the American Red Cross. I donated blood a couple of times and gave my personal information. They will call me multiple times a day from various numbers, sometimes from 800 numbers so I don't want to answer, never leaving a message. After finally answering and asking to be removed from their call list, they say that's not an option. This happens about every 4 months.

Are the legalities different for non-profits?

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I just applied for both, if I can get the work one that'd be best, I know someone in Sydney that said they could hook me up with a job, but we'll see. My plans are to surf and see what there is to see. I really let the universe guide me as much as I can while still being prepared.

I spent a year working and traveling around Australia. Here's some tips based on my experience.

If you want to make some good money, I would look into some seasonal work more inland where you can live for free and get paid $25+ an hour. Working on a grain farm is a good option, their harvest time is around November (their summer). There's a lot of grain and cattle farms about 3-4 hours away from Sydney. A good hub to be looking for work in New South Whales is Wagga Wagga (the biggest inland town) which is about 5 hours from Sydney. When I was there about a year ago there was free camping right on the edge of town.

Sydney is nice and all, but it's just like most other big cities, really. For a real Australian experience you should try to get a cheap car (like a reliable Asian car for about $1,500) and really travel around Australia. It so wide open and big that you need a car to really get out there.

Unlike the US, Australia has a lot of free camping (not so much near big cities and the Gold Coast though). If you get a cheap car, you can camp for free throughout your trip (you really need a car to get to a lot of camping areas that would be too far to walk and where buses don't go).

Cooking buy a cheap butane stove at Big W (their Walmart) for $20. You can get cheap butane cartridges at Bunyans (their Home Depot). Get all your pots and pans at a thrift store.

Camping gear buy a cheap $30 tent at Big W. You don't want a nice tent, huge birds will land on it and put holes in it among other things. Keep your receipt and say it fell apart and exchange it for another tent every 30 days.

Finding work Post on Gumtree (their Craigslist) in all of the towns you are considering working in, even if you're not there yet. Stop by all the employment agencies in the town you're in, they are familiar with all the major employers in the area. Also look at the goverment service that helps people find seasonal work, called Harvest Trail http://jobsearch.gov.au/harvesttrail/

Showering Nearly all medium sized towns or bigger have fair grounds. There is usually always a back entrance that is left open for maintenance people year round to come in and work on stuff. Fair grounds have bathroom and showers in the back for people on tour with the rodeo etc. Just drive in the back and up to the shower blocks. I did this in a lot of towns for a free shower. If you can't do this, a lot of towns have aquatic center / indoor pools, just walk in and ask if you can use their shower real quick, most of the time they'll just let you in for free, if not they might charge you a couple dollars.

My biggest piece of advice: don't get stuck in Sydney working a hospitality job. You can do that anywhere in the US. Get out there and explore.

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How long have you been working for Vidble.com?

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Since you're claiming to provide "a meal to someone in need for each item" you sell, and also use this as a marketing ploy, why does your site not fully disclose the exact amount you donate per purchase?

Is the donation based on a flat rate per item or a percentage of a sale.

How much does a "meal" cost?