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Had two jobs like this. First was a target, we weren't allowed to leave the food court during our morning break except to go pee, and they always conveniently had someone cleaning the bathrooms when we took our break. I peed anyways (and yeah, I asked her to leave so we could go pee, she said no, so I did anyways. She left as soon as she knew I was serious). The second was at some shitty deli, they clocked me out for exactly one minute, and considered that my break (that we got every five hours). I quit both jobs by simply not showing up. I can understand people that spend 20 minutes on shit break being denied, but really? I can't hold my piss for a whole 10 hours.

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Read my mind. You gotta fuck up pretty bad, multiple times to get two years for DWI here in TX. Third offense, if I recall correctly. Guy just needs to stumble home or catch a bus like the rest of us.

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As long as there’s lots of really good food, no kids running around, ample booze, and I don’t have some damn event director trying to make me do different shit every hour, I’d gladly pay for it. And clean sheets, might need those too a few nights.

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Who the hell are you talking to on your phone? Seriously, why are cities banning uber (Austin here), even though they just plain don't have decent cab service?