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Right of return. Fundamentally, palestinians have required the privledge to reoccupy all previously occupied areas as a requirement for a peace treaty. Recall, these are areas under Israeli control since the war of 1948 (a war in which Israel was attacked by pretty much all the surrounding countries). Israel feels no obligation to give it back, so even the most reasonably generous state boundaries are rejected.

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In my experience, in the south of France everybody is awesome. Plus, they even complain about the Parisians.

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I recently purchased my first wet/dry vac to clean up after myself in my basement, and man... it blows my normal vacuum out of the water. Granted, it's a little clunkier, but moving up from 2HP to 5HP! And at half the price! Plus, I can just wrap the filter in something like a stocking or t-shirt, and it's basically a bagless with a cheap replaceable filter.

Is it unreasonable to think about using it as a primary vacuum cleaner? Is there something more that I am missing? (Hardwood house, so I don't really need the spinning brush, right?)

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If you want to build a really small one, you can get a few tritium key chains and surround it with solar panels.


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Isn't there also the issue of picking people up? I thought something like cabs had to be licensed in the city to pick people off the street, but not to pick people who ordered the cab specifically (at least in a city I used to live). By making the apps easy enough to use, it reduces the number of hailers, which are fares normally going to cabs.