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3 years no runners.

knock on wood

but in my state it's a misdemeanor: Theft of service. Cops will be called. In most cases that person called from a cellphone. They track ya down that way. Cite ya. Then you pay the fine and fare to the court. Court sends the driver a check. Never heard of a runner who hasn't been caught

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I'm glad someone finally asked.

Honestly we don't care.

We only ask that Uber/Lyft etc. play by the same rules when it comes to insurance. If you take someone from point A to point B in your vehicle in return for payment then you most likely fall into category as a Taxi. That means you must have the vehicles insured (taxi insurance rate vary by state) at all times, regardless of a passenger being in the vehicle or not. The Uber related apps do not have their vehicles insured at all times making their expenses considerably cheap that companies simply cannot compete. If local companies could switch from a business insurance to the drivers personal insurance depending on occupancy of a passenger than it would be fair.

Plenty of co-workers have jumped ship to Uber which is great. I would love to drive for Uber but probably will not unless I purchase a second vehicle. I prefer to drive bar/club scene and that means people puking in your cab. You get where I'm going.

Also some cabbies drive for a local company and uber as well.

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The driver is charged a percentage of the credit card transaction. 5%-25%

Personally I don't care if you pay in cash or card. In my state most cab drivers are independent contractors and rent the vehicle (a lease for the day) and the equipment. These cab businesses would also slap on a fee for providing the credit card reader and transaction.

I recall from talking to drivers from competing companies the fee was 5-25% of the fare (the company I work for was in the mid range). So if you took a cab from point A to point B(FE) and your fare was $100, you paid with credit card then the cab company would charge the driver a credit card percentage fee to their account. So at the end of their 12 hour shift when they drop off the car, they have to pay the Lease, fill up the tank, and those credit card fees. Then they get to keep what was left.

Most cab companies are dropping that credit card fee because the driver will use this product which runs at a competitive rate, but adding fees elsewhere.

From all that you could see why they would prefer you pay cash.

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