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You can make good profit with not much space with some crops.

I thought about growing garlic because high end, rarer/heirloom varieties of garlic grown organically can go for $10/lb or more. But I imagine it's hard to grow organically ..

A few decent sized ears of garlic is a pound so you can see the money density there lol.

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Hahaha wtf, I had no idea that was one of the ways for making it. Black Garlic hasn't really "taken off" locally but my local health food store did JUST start carrying it and it's pretty tasty. That umami flavor/smell is crazy.

So long how do you cook it? Are you just buying like bulk Chinese garlic and making it black?

Really interesting and I appreciate your time and reply!

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That's true but garlic is always in demand - that's why I thought of it first.

The salad greens seem more finnicky because they are only fresh for a few days and if you have no buyers in that time you lose a bunch of money/profit. But I bet in the right area you could practically START the fads if you ordered the right rare/heirloom seeds and started growing stuff no one else can get or has even heard of.

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Ahh cool! The hardneck garlics is a bit more expensive for me and the vast majority of Garlic comes from China unless it's organic. (China uses tons of pesticides and I prefer not to buy garlic from them cause their soil is just polluted with tons of stuff)

You use the rice cooker on keep warm setting? I already have a couple instant pots so they could probably do the same thing.

I appreciate it a lot, definitely time consuming but it seems simple otherwise. I'm sure I will be trying it eventually. Thank you :)

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Yeah a greenhouse for the garlic was my first thought but it's also expensive :(

Even if I started with a small one like even 12x12' or something it would probably still be enough yields to sell to local restaurants/markets, enough to get some profits so I can reinvest... I'm gonna look into it more.