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The TSA show doesn't even do much for security in the first place. It exists entirely to be security theater and as a placebo effect on passengers.

Airplane hijackings and such over the years are so uncommon, that there is very little proof that increases in "security" have had any actual effect to reduce it. It is there to give passengers the feeling of security. Seeing all bags x-rayed and items that conceivably could be dangerous banned makes people feel safe. The reality is that it is extremely easy to make a dangerous weapon out of standard objects readily accessible just in the airplane naturally. Most knives are banned, but a plastic knife can be just as dangerous to someone intending to use it (look at the prison system and makeshift knives and shivs to see how ridiculously easy it actually is).

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Not OP, or a ramp agent, but I've seen luggage come off the conveyor that's wrapped in multiple layers of cellophane and tape to hold it together. I'd assume that's what happens if it can't be secured on its own again.

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And now they're using the fact the license wasn't issued as evidence that he's doing something illegal because he doesn't have a license. Totally ignoring the fact the city/county said the license wasn't necessary.

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Don't forget the $500,000 that Insys Therapeutics (a maker of Fentanyl) pumped into the anti-marijuana side because it would cut into their painkiller business.


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It's one of my favorite marketing campaigns personally. I don't think they could have picked a better person for it either.