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Because he didn't say 6-8", he said 5-6". He said 5" was preferred.

Because every time penis size comes up, there is always one person saying "actually, most girls prefer 5" penises" and we all know it's not true save some exceptions, but I always feel pressured to go along with it to preserve guys precious self-esteem.

I'm not saying having a 5" penis is a serious issue for a girl, that's not going to cause problems in the bedroom, and would be a Seinfeld level petty issue. It's also an issue that's vastly overhyped, there are many attributes of attractiveness that are bigger deal breakers for women. But lets not bullshit ourselves about what's preferred.

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Might want to look into the "battered person defense" (usually applied to battered wives) to see more examples of this mentality.

The logic is, a person that attacks their abuser is not really responsible for it. When you get bullied for a long time, you eventually think you are partially responsible for the bullying (otherwise, why would it keep happening to you?), you think that seeking help for the bullying will just result in the shit being beat out of you, and you start to think you're bully is this untouchable god that teachers and students won't dare bother.

Eventually, the stress leads people to desperate irrational actions to escape the stress and abuse, kids will screw around in school, start drugs, commit suicide, and stab their bullies. When this happens, the abuser is blamed more then the abused.

In one respect, a bullied kid stabbing their abuser is the ultimate expression of finally standing up to them, which is why people respected it. On the other hand, it's completely fucking crazy.

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