I've explored countless worlds in more than 40 years as an actor, from fairy tales, as Archie Hopper and Jiminy Cricket in the hit ABC drama Once Upon a Time; to outer space as the heroic Kaidan Alenko in the highly acclaimed videogame series Mass Effect; and everything in between.

I began acting at the age of four years old on Sesame Street, and by sixteen was acting on Broadway. Just after graduating high school, I flew to Chicago to co-star in Risky Business with Tom Cruise.

To date, I have appeared in over forty movies and currently am on Once Upon A Time, which premieres tonight! Season three!

I am also the founder of the environmental nonprofit Green Wish and director and co-executive producer of the Web series On Begley Street, starring Ed Begley Jr. If you want to donate to Greenwish, the link is here!

Proof: https://twitter.com/RaphaelSbarge/status/384335125447573504

Thanks so much!

EDIT: I have to run, but this has been amazing. Thanks to everyone who asked a question!

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AgentRG87 karma

Hi Raphael!

  1. Which of the following characters was the most challenging to voice act, Carth Onasi (Knights of the Old Republic I/II), RC-1262 "Scorch" (Star Wars: Republic Commando), or Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect 1/2/3)?

  2. Which of the previously mentioned character's you can mostly relate to personally?

  3. We'll bang, okay?

raphael_sbarge99 karma

  1. Of course Kaiden Alenko was the most difficult, as he is the most complex character and the most emotional because of his relationship with Shepard.
  2. Again, Kaiden. I'll explain more later!
  3. Umm, my girlfriend might not approve! But I'll ask her.

swaps5586 karma


Thanks so much for doing this AMA. I’m a huge fan of Mass Effect and Kaidan Alenko, and really appreciate everything you do for the fandom. I cannot thank you enough for your reading of the Horizon letter – it adds a dimension to Kaidan that was missing from Mass Effect 2, and actually changed the way I viewed the character. You did an incredible job with it. We’re lucky fans. Two questions:

  1. Of Shepard’s various squadmates across the trilogy, who do you imagine Kaidan connects to and clashes with the most?

  2. What was your favorite scene/dialog to record?

Thanks again, excited about this season of OUAT!

raphael_sbarge80 karma

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the reading of the letter, I loved it too.

  1. Kaiden connects to Shepard, always.
  2. My favorite scene and dialogue that has always stuck with me is the last and final scene of the trilogy. Just recording it was a tear-jerker and even the recording managers were moved. We all were so amazed by such incredible emotions between Kaiden and Shepard.

sashimi_taco56 karma

HI! Okay so I am a HUGE fan of Carth Onasis and Kaidan Alenko. Thanks so much for voicing them! You did them perfectly. And thank you so much for reading the ME2 email from Kaidan!

Also, you're role in Once Upon A Time is great. I wasn't going to watch it, but I saw you had a role in it so I started. I'm so glad that I did and I love you and Jimminy Cricket!

Anyway, I should ask a question. I'm so excited!

  • When you play through the games that you star in, is it weird hearing yourself talk? And have you ever romanced yourself to see what the content was like, and then feel weird?

  • How big of a role do you play in OUAT this season? I would love to see more of your character. If you can't answer, thats okay. I love your guiding voice for most of the characters (even if they don't listen to you). I think it would have been cool if you could help the evil characters.

Edit: My boyfriend is pretending he isn't jealous right now, but he's off sulking in the corner.

raphael_sbarge49 karma

Don't sulk mr. boyfriend! And it's weird to play yourself in anything, but I can't say I've romanced myself. All I can say is that I'll be back and to keep watching!

N7Lola45 karma

First, I'd just like to say that I wouldn't be such a hardcore Bioware fan today if I didn't fall in love with Carth Onasi in KotOR when I was 12; I only played Mass Effect because I saw you were in it, and now I'm first in line for every single Bioware release, so thank you!

My question, if you're able to answer, is about the future of the Mass Effect franchise. Have they approached you about potentially doing voice work for the next game? Even for a cameo? Or have they told you anything about it that you would be able to share with us?

raphael_sbarge52 karma

I'm so glad you enjoyed the series! Bioware has announced that Mass Effect 4 is in development, but that's all I know. Hold a good thought and make sure you let them know you want more, more, more!

Rainbow_Duck43 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA in advance!

I'm gonna start this out on a bit of a serious note - I'm a massive fan of Mass Effect and Kaidan, mostly due to your voice work, but also to the great writing he received!

I've struggled a lot with my identity due to my sexuality (21 yo Gay man here), and my trust and security due to having a family that wasn't amazingly close and friends that weren't overly concerned with friendship. I played Mass Effect 3 when it was released, and finding out that Kaidan could be romanced by a male character was incredibly refreshing and intriguing, as I'd never had the chance to play as a homosexual character, or experience a gay romance in a videogame at all. And most other gay romances I'd seen in media were stereotypical views on gay men to the point of satire.

I was expecting it to be a massive revelation, and for it to be a center of gossip and reactions of shock, or confusion by other characters in the game. But it wasn't. It was just a small aspect of his persona, and the story. He was written for his humanity and relation to the world and the player, not for his sexuality. Seeing how the world stayed the same, how this was such a small aspect of his total character, and how this drew Commander Shepard (and by extension, the player) closer to him, really helped me make the decision to just come out to everyone. I just couldn't bare hiding anymore, or creating bits of fiction about myself.

I came out earlier in the year hoping for the same reaction Kaidan got, and I received it. My parents banded together to just give me pure support, which I was so afraid I wouldn't receive. To the point where in the past year I've spent more time with them than I have in a decade. And I've realised how much I made them miss parts of my life by hiding away. After seeing so many negative portrayals in media about coming out stories, finally receiving a character that had such a positive and nonplussed reaction just really helped me in life. As you can see by the massive wall of writing! I really just have to thank you and Cathleen Rootsaert (Kaidan's writer for Mass Effect 3), for just making my life as it is now! Seems melodramatic, but that one character of yours has helped completely shaped this part of my life.

But now it's question time! Obviously you've done a lot of voice acting for various games and shows. A lot of game companies these days are turning to motion capture to tell their stories in games, instead of using booths.

My question is - As a voice actor, how would this change your methods of acting? Instead of just the voice, you're the movement, the gestures, the posture of the character. Would you approach it as you would for a theater/TV show or would you use another method? Or, if you've already done motion capture, how was your experience of it in comparison to your other acting works?

raphael_sbarge32 karma

And thanks so much for sharing your story. I'm so glad that you had such support and love in response to coming out, and I'm thrilled Kaidan's journey laid the groundwork for your own.

raphael_sbarge29 karma

I have done motion capture; I don't LOVE doing it, because they have to glue little silver balls to your face -- even your eyelids. It's not terribly comfortable!

Shy-Girl0141 karma

I was the girl too nervous to approach you at last years WonderCon. So I'm really happy I finally get a chance to talk to you here.

My question is about your acting work. You have an impressive resume both in screen and stage. Is there anything you turned down that you wish you hadn't?

And thanks for keeping my Revan on the Light Side. I couldn't stand to hear you disappointed so I never could play Dark Side.

raphael_sbarge44 karma

I was up for a part in the movie Glory and couldn't act in it because I was doing a play in LA at the Mark Taper Forum. I still think about it til this day.

The username is apt, I see! Next time you're at a Con, don't be shy! I'd love to meet you.

Shy-Girl0116 karma

Can you reveal what part you were considered for?

And thank you, yes I'm the shy one who Tweeted you. But maybe next time I will come and say hello.

raphael_sbarge32 karma

I was up for the part of Maj. Cabot Forbes. Can't wait to meet you!

qastielle26 karma

Hi Raphael,

I don't know if you remember me, but I was the red-haired girl who you made time for at the very end of London MCM Expo in May. I just wanted to personally thank you again, because I had travelled a long way to meet you, and I would have been crushed if I had just missed you by a few seconds. But the hugs, the photos and the autographs meant the world to me because you're my favourite voice actor and you proved that you were a warm, genuine and kind-hearted person as well. Thank you so much.

Now, questions, so I feel justified in typing this out!

  1. Do you prefer voice-acting or acting on TV or do you like both for different reasons?

  2. Obligatory Mass Effect question: would you want to be a biotic in real life? (You'd probably want to skip the L2 implants, right?)

These questions are so silly, I apologise. Anyway, thank you so much for doing this AMA! I really hope I get to meet you again soon.

raphael_sbarge21 karma

Thank you so much! Glad you could make it out.

  1. I definitely enjoy both, but for different reasons.
  2. I think being a biotic would definitely be interesting, to say the least.

Rufus246819 karma

My girlfriend and I were at OzComicCon Melbourne and you waited for us to get our photo taken with you. She absolutely loved you and bought you a chocolate heart.

  1. Do you plan on returning next year, or any other Australian event?

  2. Did that chocolate heart taste as nasty as it looked, or did you just bin it?

raphael_sbarge29 karma

I would love to return to Australia if the opportunity presents itself. As for the chocolate, I brought it home and my children absolutely adored it.

mybrainhurts17 karma

Thanks so much for doing this AMA. Carth and Kaidan are two of my favorite characters with Mass Effect being my favorite series of all time. How hard is it to perform emotional scenes without the other actors there to perform off of? For instance your reading of Kaidan's letter to FemShep is heartbreaking. How do you prepare for something like that?

raphael_sbarge20 karma

Glad you loved the series! Not having the other actors there is difficult, but you bring your life experiences to what you do and find a way to put yourself in the emotional center of what you're doing.

proserpinax13 karma

Ahh, excited for this!

  1. Favorite Once Upon a Time episode?
  2. I'm sure you get recognized more as Archie, but do people ever hear your voice and go "Hang on, you're Kaidan/Carth!"

Big fan, btw; Archie's my favorite character on OUAT, and I'm a big fan of your work in voice acting. :)

EDIT: Also, my friend met you and said you were just lovely. So props. :)

raphael_sbarge45 karma

Thanks so much!

  1. The Still Small Voice, which was the episode about the backstory of Jiminy Cricket was my favorite episode. Filming it was not only beautiful but touching.
  2. lol I've been recognized on the telephone by the cable company customer service rep trying to pay my bill! That was a trip.

binarybruin12 karma

Hello, Raphael! Thanks for doing this! :)

I want to ask you your secret to time management. How do you schedule so many amazing things (voice/acting, going to cons, Green Wish/On Begley Street, etc..)? I really admire your talent and I'm grateful for your generosity to chat with us!

See you at NYCC! Can't wait! :D

raphael_sbarge17 karma

I clearly don't sleep as much as I should, but I do it out of love for what I do. I can't wait for NYCC, hopefully I'll get to meet you there!

binarybruin7 karma

Haha, same here. I'm still impressed you get so much done! :P I hope I'll see you at NYCC (I believe this would be my fifth time meeting you)! :D

By the way, do you have a favorite kind of animal? Mine is the panda. :)

raphael_sbarge29 karma

I'm particularly fond of the quokka.

Gyfted11 karma

What inspired you to get into voice acting? Did you think to try it yourself or did someone hear your voice and coax you into it?

raphael_sbarge24 karma

Honestly, what inspired me is what inspires every actor: To just find work. I started doing voiceover commercials, and it led one day to an audition for a new videogame, called "Mass Effect."

swaps5524 karma

I'm positive I heard you narrate a Disney vacation planning video. If Kaidan thinks I should go to Disney, dammit I'm going to Disney.

raphael_sbarge28 karma

ha! You found me! That was me!

njgeekgirl10 karma

So excited! I have been wanting to talk to you forever, but I won't have a chance to get to a con in the foreseeable future... :X I'll keep it short.

  1. On acting, do you have anything you like to do to get into character before a scene?
  2. You've done stage work! (I miss it!) I know stage and film has pros and cons, but do you ever find yourself leaning towards one over the other for a reason? (stage or film?)
  3. For Once Upon a Time, did you know that Jiminy Cricket was Disney's "green" character after getting the role?

Thanks for reading! <3

raphael_sbarge13 karma

  1. Depends on the scene, and the character. But there's no one thing that I do for every scene.

  2. Stage is my passion, but for various reasons I haven't been able to do as much of it as I'd like recently. It's my home.

  3. The character was sort of an amazing combination of them casting me in a part that had a voice-over element, not knowing that I had done a lot of voiceover work. And it was a discovery to me that Jiminy was a green character, and if you go to Disneyland, he's on all the recycle signs!

swiftwidget9 karma

Hello! I don't expect you to remember, but we actually met at Disneyland in the Cars park. I was the gal who stuttered and couldn't hold a camera straight (so embarrassing).

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for being so patient with my ridiculous self and making my day. Thanks!


1.) What is it like to switch between voice acting and acting in front of a camera? I suppose the environment is very different.

2.) Where was your favorite place either urban or in nature to film at?

3.) How does juggling your directing and acting careers work?

4.) Do you have any advice for a Cinema student who is rather at a loss for what to do in the future. I've got an idea for a documentary (focusing on the Benja Project and my father's experiences bringing my adopted brother to the states and his continued visits to Uganda) but am not sure where to start.

4.5) On a related note: I've only worked with the small crew of the Big Ten Network here in Champaign, IL, but they are a fun group. Is this a shared trait between various film crews?

5.) Do you have a favorite food?

raphael_sbarge12 karma

  1. The good news is you can be having a bad hair day and still do what you need to do. But seriously, they're just different experiences. One is a lot more solitary.

  2. Shot a movie in Isreal years ago. Spent three months there. I loved it.

  3. It's such a thrill and blessing to be able to do both. "On Begley Street" gave me an opportunity to bring my personal passion about the environment to a show that both informs and entertains. And I'm really proud of it.

  4. Focus in on the message: What do you want to say? The rest will come.

  5. Trail mix

NinjaPirateTaki9 karma

Hi Raphael! I love how much soul you bring to every character you create. You are wonderful, no matter what kind of acting you're doing or project you're working on (and you're a fantastic human being as well).

If you had the opportunity, would you voice more video game characters in the future?

raphael_sbarge30 karma

That's an enthusiastic yes! Jennifer Lawrence is big here, no?

JustJeanine9 karma

How do you like being a part of the "Disney Family?" Do you enjoy Disneyland? Will you be doing the Grinchmas reading at Universal again this year?

raphael_sbarge6 karma

I'm so thrilled and honored to be part of the Disney family. My children and I love going to Disneyland.

Annacaros1239 karma

Hi Raphael, I am a big fan of your work in "Once Upon a Time," and I am excited to see you at Comic Con this year.

My question is, do you think that you resemble Archie when you act?

raphael_sbarge11 karma

Annacaros1236 karma

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I completely fangirled :) Also, I meant if you think that Archie's understanding character also described your personality

raphael_sbarge14 karma

How do I answer this without sounding like a jerk? I aspire to be like Archie, of course.

N_wah9 karma

Raphael, you're the man!

  1. How does one get into voice acting? Any tips for an aspiring voice actor?

  2. How can I go about getting your autograph and or meeting you in person? Are you going to be in the Midwest anytime soon?

  3. What got you inspired you to form Green Wish, and what has been your greatest success there?

raphael_sbarge13 karma

  1. Generally, I recommend that people have a theater background, and do some voice training.

  2. I do conventions periodically. I don't have anything scheduled for the Midwest right now, but you never know!

  3. I was inspired to start Green Wish after the birth of my daughter, Gracie. I'm just so proud of how the group is growing and how the message has spread! We have seven chapters either started, or launching soon, and more to come!

notathrowaway68 karma

What did you have for breakfast today?

raphael_sbarge14 karma

Oatmeal, and a couple cups of coffee.

neaira_alenko8 karma

Hi Raphael!

  1. A friend and I are wondering where you got your Kaidan tshirt!

  2. What can you tell me about Lantern City?

  3. What would it take to get you to Planet Comicon in Kansas City sometime?

PS: My friend had you sign a picture of a steak sandwich for me at PAXEast this year. Thanks so much for that! :)

raphael_sbarge14 karma

  1. BioWare sent me the Kaidan T-shirt.

  2. Lantern City looks so amazing, and I can't wait for everyone to learn more about it.

  3. I'll be in Lexington that weekend, but I'd love to go to Kansas City sometime!

And ha! You're quite welcome!

EmilyEstevez7 karma

were you a nathan fillion fan before you were on castle, nathan fillion is second to you, so seeing both him and you on the same screen was.. there are no words to be honest.

raphael_sbarge9 karma

Nathan is a consumate professional. Such a great guy, so lovely to work with.

Swiftapple6 karma

Who is someone you always wanted to work with and why?

raphael_sbarge10 karma

I've always wanted to work with Robert DuVall because he is an acting god.

Wackbot6 karma

Hey, Raphael.

  1. What was like to work with Bioware on the Mass Effect series?
  2. Did you get to work alongside the other voice actors?
  3. If so, was there anyone in particular that got on well with?
  4. Do you play many videogames yourself and do you have any favourites?
  5. Following that last question, have you played the Mass Effect series?

raphael_sbarge16 karma

  1. Working with Bioware is like being invited to an All Star Game.
  2. Nope, just you and a microphone.
  3. I'm not a huge gamer, but I have played Mass Effect 1 and portions of Mass Effect 3. Of course, I feel like I've lived through the series that took over a decade to record.

thrifty9176 karma

Wow... I was excited for this AMA because I am a HUUUUGE Once fan, but I had no clue til I got here that you were the voice of Carth Onasi! This whole time I've been watching Once, your voice has driven me crazy because it was so familiar but I just couldn't place it. Mind = blown. I feel like we're old friends now!

Question: I just watched the season premiere and it was excellent! How many more episodes until we see Archie/Jiminy? And also, if Archie went through a portal back to the Enchanted Forest, do you think he'd turn back into a cricket?

raphael_sbarge10 karma

I'll be back in Storybrooke before you know it! Keep watching!

dreadfulpenny815 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I know you more from TV. I'm a big fan of "Once Upon A Time" and just watched the episode of Law & Order: SVU ("Wannabe") where you were a guest star. I checked out the website for Green Wish and I think it's a really admirable project. I was just wondering if you could give some more information about the kind of work the organization does as far as any recent projects. Thanks!

raphael_sbarge6 karma

Green Wish collects money for environmental organizations through donations via GreenWish.com and at local retailers. We also have our Halloween program for kids, Eek-O-Halloween, which I'm so proud of. And we join our beneficiary charities like Food Forward and Friends of the Los Angeles River, for their events.

altoid_trapezoid5 karma

I'm a huge fan of your work on OUAT and the Mass Effect series, but what can you tell us about On Begley Street?

raphael_sbarge10 karma

"On Begley Street" follows Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson-Begley, as they strive to build the greenest home in North America. It's been such an amazing journey to watch, and such a blast to get behind the camera and serve as director and co-executive producer.

The great thing about the show is it educates AND entertains. Viewers can learn a lot about the latest in green building and sustainable living, while laughing with the Begleys.

djrocca5 karma

Raphael, Just wondering when Lantern City starts filming and if you can tell us about your character? Also congrats on Murder in the First! Can you share anything about that with us? -Chelle (Aka the Red of the RedCricket cosplayers)

raphael_sbarge10 karma

Murder in the First is a new TNT series with Taye Diggs, Kathleen Robertson and Tom Felton. It will be on in June, directly after Major Crimes on TNT. This is such a powerhouse cast, and I'm thrilled to be part of it.

nickelkeep5 karma

Hi Raphael!

I'm actually going through ME playthrough number... uh, I don't really remember, so it's cool to be talking with the guy who voiced one of my favorite characters.

So, that being said, two quick questions.

1) I heard that when you played Mass Effect, you actually left Kaidan to die on Virmire. Why did you choose to do that?

2) Were you disappointed when they cut the part where you did the voice over for Kaidan's Letter to Shepard in ME2? Cause I have to be honest, when I found the clip of you reading it on YouTube, I kinda wanted to go have a chat with Bioware.

raphael_sbarge9 karma

Actually, I didn't record the letter until fans requested it during the first season of Once Upon a Time. We recorded it and released it over Thanksgiving 2011, and were amazed and delighted by the response. BioWare really embraced it, even though it was "unofficial," so they should receive nothing but praise.

debbycus5 karma

Hey Raphael! Thank you so much for doing this! I had the opportunity to meet you in London, and it quite literally made my life! I'm so very grateful for that :) (I don't think you remember me, but I did give you a letter, so there's that.)

  • How are you?

  • What is your favourite paranormal stuff to believe in (eg. auras, telepathy, ghosts, etc.)?

  • A while ago during one of your audio blogs, you mentioned that you'd be interested recording romantic poetry if we had some suggestions. Is that still the case? If so, I do have a suggestion for you: How Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog by Taylor Mali.

  • Is there a specific kind of role you always wanted to do but never had the chance? (Like a murderer with a mental illness... oh wait.)

  • What song do you think would best describe season 3 (excluding the first episode)?

  • Come to Europe. Please?

raphael_sbarge11 karma

  1. I'm doing well! Just got off a plane though.
  2. I do believe in ghosts, auras, and karma. /r/ParanormalScience is pretty cool to check out sometimes.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Ha! Not that I can think of. I feel like I've been able to experience everything.
  5. I'll Never Grow Up
  6. I'll be there in the spring!

tanyalt4 karma

Hi! I'm a huge fan. I watch Once every week hoping for an appearance from you and I of course played Mass Effect 20 times just for Kaidan. One question- if you had to voice another character in the ME universe who would it be?

raphael_sbarge12 karma

Shepard would be interesting, of course! But who could be better in the role than Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale?

QueenSimia4 karma

Might be a dumb question, but settling a friendly bet here: Was that you reading the legal spiel on the current Humira commercial?

raphael_sbarge15 karma

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that wasn't me.

TheMightyZan4 karma

Hi Raphael! I always wants to ask you this stuff at conventions, but I usually go all nervous, and can't do much besides mumble and smile (Because I am totally a functioning adult).

Anywho, as someone who is a therapist themselves I love the character of Archie (as well as get super annoyed with him), did you do any studying of the field for your role? Also, how could you all let him break so many APA rules???

By the way you were awesome as Kaidan as well!

raphael_sbarge12 karma

Please know that next time, I'd be more than happy to talk to you! The study that I've done was years of therapy myself, as well as the fact that my girlfriend is a therapist. As for the APA rules, well, that's over my pay grade. We'll have to ask the writers!

olioster3 karma

Raphael, I loved you as Michael Jonas on Voyager! My question is have you actually played the Mass Effect Trilogy all the way through and what did you play? Male or Female? Paragon or Renegade? Romance?

raphael_sbarge6 karma

I haven't played it ALL the way through. Maybe when I can make some more time in my schedule, I'll try it!

MonTabac3 karma

What has been the absolute best thing about being part of the Once Upon a Time production?

raphael_sbarge5 karma

Being part of the stories. They're so rich and the writers are so creative.

WritingContradiction2 karma

So, you did a few episodes of Murder She Wrote. How hot is Angela Landsbury?

raphael_sbarge2 karma

What kind of scale are we grading on?

Kajataya2 karma

Hi Raphael, I'm Katherine and we met in Melbourne at Comic Con. I was wondering if you will come back to Australia soon and hopefully visit Brisbane this time now Comic Con is moving here. It would mean alot to see you again. Thank you.

raphael_sbarge5 karma

If the opportunity presents itself, I would love to!

TheMightyZan2 karma

Ok, I have to ask, I can't help myself. Have you ever looked into any of the fanfiction written about characters you have played?

Some of it is very... interesting. :P

raphael_sbarge2 karma

ha! No, but I have heard about it. It sounds ... interesting!

littlemishaps2 karma

Dammit I'm too late. Just in case you come back and read this, I'd like you to know that I probably have close to 700 hours logged for the Mass Effect series. I've done playthroughs in all classes and difficulties, playthroughs where I've done everything, scanned, explored and fetched all resources, and speed runs where I've just done the main missions. In EVERY play through I've saved Kaidan on Virmire, no exception.

So... Just wanted to say thanks for accompanying me during 700 hours of my life! :)

raphael_sbarge2 karma

wow! Thank you!

EmilyEstevez2 karma

raphael is quite a hard name to shorten, do you ever get called "raphy" :P

also, i have a name for what you can call your fans! "sbargians"

raphael_sbarge6 karma

Yes! In high school!

And ha!

EmilyEstevez1 karma

i have 4 questions and 1 statement for Mr Sbarge. 1. marry me? 2. what has been your favourite acting role. 3. if you come back to next years oz comic con, will you join me for coffee and doughnuts? 4. do archie and the blue fairy ever get together? :3

and as for my statement. 4. you're a sweetheart with an even sweeter personality. and i must say, you have quite a nice butt.

raphael_sbarge4 karma

  1. Sorry, I have a girlfriend!

  2. My favorite acting role is probably hard to say. Most likely something I've done on the stage.

  3. We'll see what time allows?

  4. Watch and find out! Time will tell.

ha! Thanks!

ShamefulIAm1 karma

I hope I didn't miss you, just wanted to say - Love all your work, mass effect, carth, once upon a time, and more. You brought all the characters alive and made me love the games and shows you were in.

The one question I have for you is if you got the Kaidanites gift poster everyone made for you? We sent it to Jacqui, but I never heard if she gave it to you yet.

Thank you so much for doing the AMA. :)

raphael_sbarge2 karma

I did! It was amazing! Thank you so much, to everyone.

IchMussSchreibeEtwas1 karma

Raphael, I have a shrine to you and Carth Onasi in my backroom and I was wondering what type of woman you would want sacrificed to your effigy at the next full moon. I was thinking the standard "young virgin" dealio, just like the sacrifices to the great Minotaur Gods of old, but I thought I should ask you yourself since you're doing this AMA.

Also, will your character appear more frequently in the new season of Once Upon a Time, I was disappointed with the small number of appearances you had last season and I was hoping you would appear more in this season.

raphael_sbarge8 karma

I think the standard issue sacrifice would be in order.

gyorklady1 karma

Hi Raphael! I'm a big fan of Archie and OUAT, and I'm also a big Muppet fan. So I have to ask, do you have any favorite memories of working on Sesame Street, or of Jim Henson?

raphael_sbarge6 karma

I have distinct memories of meeting Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and Mr. Hooper sitting me on a donkey and discussing the difference between horses and donkeys.