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"Oh, ye gotta have Kool-Aid! Yeah, and malt liquor's over on aisle 10."

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Thanks for doing this AMA! I know you more from TV. I'm a big fan of "Once Upon A Time" and just watched the episode of Law & Order: SVU ("Wannabe") where you were a guest star. I checked out the website for Green Wish and I think it's a really admirable project. I was just wondering if you could give some more information about the kind of work the organization does as far as any recent projects. Thanks!

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Hey Gabriel! This may seem like a personal question, but you mentioned in one of your specials that you'd never met your father. Has anyone claimed to be your father since you've become so famous OR have you actually made contact with him? Thanks!

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Amanda, I just wanted to say your son Ash is one of the most wide-eyed, beautiful children I've ever seen and your song "The Bed Song" moved me to tears like nothing else ever has. With that out of the way, here's my question.... I don't have a question about Patreon (I'm sorry, it's still something I don't quite understand), but I wanted to know more about your creative process - what inspires you? Is there a quiet place you go to, either in your mind or in a literal sense, to get your creative juices flowing? Thanks for taking the time. It's great hearing from you on all topics!