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I started watching The X-Files in 2006, when I was in high school. Even though I got into the show late in the game, it became my favorite TV show of all time and has inspired me to go into film/tv production, so I can hopefully ensure that more characters like Scully can exist. Scully was my inspiration through my high school years and is still my favorite TV show character because of this.

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First off I'm a big fan; Scully was an inspiration to me in my high school years and beyond, and you were incredible in Bleak House (which is my favorite book of all time).

Was there a moment when you realized just how iconic The X-Files was becoming, and how big it was going to be?

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Ahh, excited for this!

  1. Favorite Once Upon a Time episode?
  2. I'm sure you get recognized more as Archie, but do people ever hear your voice and go "Hang on, you're Kaidan/Carth!"

Big fan, btw; Archie's my favorite character on OUAT, and I'm a big fan of your work in voice acting. :)

EDIT: Also, my friend met you and said you were just lovely. So props. :)

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I love that episode! Very well written (props to Jane Espenson!), great performances by all. :)

Haha that would be pretty funny.

Thanks :)