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TheMightyZan4 karma

I guess I'll have to write a letter to them. :)

Therapy is the best way to understand therapists, that's why they like us to go through it ourselves. Also, your girlfriend must be pretty awesome (Because we all are :D).

I've tried twice to talk to you, it apparently is beyond me to form coherent sentences around you, but you are always super nice!

TheMightyZan4 karma

Hi Raphael! I always wants to ask you this stuff at conventions, but I usually go all nervous, and can't do much besides mumble and smile (Because I am totally a functioning adult).

Anywho, as someone who is a therapist themselves I love the character of Archie (as well as get super annoyed with him), did you do any studying of the field for your role? Also, how could you all let him break so many APA rules???

By the way you were awesome as Kaidan as well!

TheMightyZan2 karma

Ok, I have to ask, I can't help myself. Have you ever looked into any of the fanfiction written about characters you have played?

Some of it is very... interesting. :P