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binarybruin12 karma

Hello, Raphael! Thanks for doing this! :)

I want to ask you your secret to time management. How do you schedule so many amazing things (voice/acting, going to cons, Green Wish/On Begley Street, etc..)? I really admire your talent and I'm grateful for your generosity to chat with us!

See you at NYCC! Can't wait! :D

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Haha, same here. I'm still impressed you get so much done! :P I hope I'll see you at NYCC (I believe this would be my fifth time meeting you)! :D

By the way, do you have a favorite kind of animal? Mine is the panda. :)

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That is adorable, just like you! :)

Do you like to dress up for Halloween? If so, who would you dress up as?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer! It's been so fun to read through these questions/answers! <3