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EmilyEstevez7 karma

were you a nathan fillion fan before you were on castle, nathan fillion is second to you, so seeing both him and you on the same screen was.. there are no words to be honest.

EmilyEstevez2 karma

1.what kind of music do you like? 2. are you bowie fan? 3. whats your favourite movie?

EmilyEstevez2 karma

1.you.. you have a.. a girlfriend? ;~;

  1. i thought for sure you would have said "castle".

  2. well that's not a no, so in the words of ace ventura, allllrighty then!

EmilyEstevez2 karma

do you have any idea how excited i just got? i thought raphael had replied to me! ;-;

EmilyEstevez2 karma

raphael is quite a hard name to shorten, do you ever get called "raphy" :P

also, i have a name for what you can call your fans! "sbargians"