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  1. Of course Kaiden Alenko was the most difficult, as he is the most complex character and the most emotional because of his relationship with Shepard.
  2. Again, Kaiden. I'll explain more later!
  3. Umm, my girlfriend might not approve! But I'll ask her.

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the reading of the letter, I loved it too.

  1. Kaiden connects to Shepard, always.
  2. My favorite scene and dialogue that has always stuck with me is the last and final scene of the trilogy. Just recording it was a tear-jerker and even the recording managers were moved. We all were so amazed by such incredible emotions between Kaiden and Shepard.

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I'm so glad you enjoyed the series! Bioware has announced that Mass Effect 4 is in development, but that's all I know. Hold a good thought and make sure you let them know you want more, more, more!

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Don't sulk mr. boyfriend! And it's weird to play yourself in anything, but I can't say I've romanced myself. All I can say is that I'll be back and to keep watching!

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Thanks so much!

  1. The Still Small Voice, which was the episode about the backstory of Jiminy Cricket was my favorite episode. Filming it was not only beautiful but touching.
  2. lol I've been recognized on the telephone by the cable company customer service rep trying to pay my bill! That was a trip.