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Which real person would you most likely throw your pie for?

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This is the first I have heard of this. Why do all these people still follow this criminal?

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Hey, Raphael.

  1. What was like to work with Bioware on the Mass Effect series?
  2. Did you get to work alongside the other voice actors?
  3. If so, was there anyone in particular that got on well with?
  4. Do you play many videogames yourself and do you have any favourites?
  5. Following that last question, have you played the Mass Effect series?

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Seems like a pretty effective way to manipulate people.

Everyone seems to have their own beliefs. Isn't it arrogant to - out of all the different religions - say that your own particular set of beliefs is correct? To then devote time out of your life to it makes no sense to me. I don't get it. The lives of these people are strongly dictated by this religion that is just one of many.

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You said you've seen "the worst...in both people and dogs." Has there been any cases of animal cruelty by workers at the shelter? What is the worst condition you've seen an animal in?