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HI! Okay so I am a HUGE fan of Carth Onasis and Kaidan Alenko. Thanks so much for voicing them! You did them perfectly. And thank you so much for reading the ME2 email from Kaidan!

Also, you're role in Once Upon A Time is great. I wasn't going to watch it, but I saw you had a role in it so I started. I'm so glad that I did and I love you and Jimminy Cricket!

Anyway, I should ask a question. I'm so excited!

  • When you play through the games that you star in, is it weird hearing yourself talk? And have you ever romanced yourself to see what the content was like, and then feel weird?

  • How big of a role do you play in OUAT this season? I would love to see more of your character. If you can't answer, thats okay. I love your guiding voice for most of the characters (even if they don't listen to you). I think it would have been cool if you could help the evil characters.

Edit: My boyfriend is pretending he isn't jealous right now, but he's off sulking in the corner.

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He's my favorite porn star ever. I love him in all his work for exactly the reason Stoya says he is her favorite.

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Thank you for replying. You really made my week. :)

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Do you know who wrote that part of the story, and when it was written did you think it would speak to female gamers or alienate them? Was the goal to touch a serious topic for female gamers and have them overcome that as a character to become a power fantasy, or was it just a step to show her hardships?

Do you think that the later part of the game, which becomes a female power fantasy, helps with the interpretation of that particular assault?

In context to the online gaming community, where often online bantering involves casual rape threats, do you think that this particular incident shows the seriousness of sexual assault to the community? Do you think this gives validation to female gamers in the seriousness of casual rape threats, or do you think it might have made things worse?

Edit: These questions are appearing more aggressive than I entend them to sound. I just want to know your thoughts.

Edit2: I guess it was too much to ask for to have serious answers from him in this. The AMA is over within an hour.

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I didn't want to make him feel like he was nothing but a sex object or something. Thats why I asked him about his acting.