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Hi Gary, no real question just a message to say a huge thank you. It's because of writers and doctors like you that I'm no longer insulin resistant and my metabolic syndrome is, for all intents and purposes, 'fixed'.

After I was diagnosed my own doctor and hospital consultant told me the only way to manage my condition was through a low GI, high carb, low fat, low calorie 'diet' which made me really sick and messed up my blood sugar levels. Plus I gained a stack of weight on a strictly monitored 1500 calorie diet. :/

My worsening health was constantly fobbed off with excuse after excuse and pill after pill. Since completely overhauling my diet, cutting out ALL sugar (including fruit) and grains, and massively increasing my fat content I feel better than I ever have done in my life, my blood sugar levels are normal with no drugs, and, for the first time ever, my doctor says I'm ovulating normally (I have - had? - really severe PCOS).

I know this has turned into a massive ass-kissing post, but by pushing your viewpoint you really have changed my life and I hope your message is shouted loud enough for others to hear and give it a go themselves. :)

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Dammit I'm too late. Just in case you come back and read this, I'd like you to know that I probably have close to 700 hours logged for the Mass Effect series. I've done playthroughs in all classes and difficulties, playthroughs where I've done everything, scanned, explored and fetched all resources, and speed runs where I've just done the main missions. In EVERY play through I've saved Kaidan on Virmire, no exception.

So... Just wanted to say thanks for accompanying me during 700 hours of my life! :)