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njgeekgirl10 karma

So excited! I have been wanting to talk to you forever, but I won't have a chance to get to a con in the foreseeable future... :X I'll keep it short.

  1. On acting, do you have anything you like to do to get into character before a scene?
  2. You've done stage work! (I miss it!) I know stage and film has pros and cons, but do you ever find yourself leaning towards one over the other for a reason? (stage or film?)
  3. For Once Upon a Time, did you know that Jiminy Cricket was Disney's "green" character after getting the role?

Thanks for reading! <3

njgeekgirl3 karma

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer! I haven't been on the stage in a very long time and I miss it a lot.

Thank you for answering the three burning questions on my mind. No one has honestly been able to raise an emotional response out of me like you can, even during a voice over. No, seriously. I mean it. You get me every time during That Still Small Voice. And Carl during that episode in Criminal Minds will still send me hiding under my bed.

You're certainly my favorite actor. And I'd probably have that crush of wanting to work with you if I was still active! Thanks for taking this time tonight.