**My short bio: I am an actor/writer/monkey trainer/bigfootkiller/michaeljacksonglovewearer who lives with his Grandma.

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That was a lot of fun but I have to go. Adios Turd nuggets.

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Hey Allen!

Grandma's Boy is one of my all time favorite movies. Whenever it's on TV, I'll watch it until the end.

Question: How did you get involved with the movie? I've always seen you in Adam Sandler's crew, but it was refreshing to see you go solo for that film.

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I had an idea based on having to spend some time in a small condo with my Grandma. Barry Wernick and I did the first couple of drafts and then Swardson came on board. We got Level One to finance it and Fox agreed to distribute. Then we added Dante and a Monkey and everything fell into place.

Bammer738 karma

Are Linda Cardellini's boobs as spectacular in real life as they are in my dreams?

acovert63 karma

Everything about Linda is spectacular in real. I've.

Dovahjerk45 karma

His erection must have hit submit on accident.

acovert83 karma

My erection definitely couldn't reach the submit button.

Cocktavios38 karma

How has working with Adam Sadler positively affected your career?

acovert174 karma

It is my career.

D_MAC454535 karma

When will Grandma's Boy be out on Blu-ray?

acovert80 karma

Don't know. I have been calling Fox about this. I will put more pressure on them for you.

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You are funny as fuck bro. Thanks for the laughs.

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You're welcome.

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acovert40 karma

Working with Nicholson was ridiculous. Everyday was awesome. He can tell some stories. As for Greasy Clerk "righteous".

TehhBlahhh33 karma

Will we see a Grandmas Boy sequel in the future?

acovert55 karma

We talk about it. Not sure though.

RedSkee29 karma

Can you get me some of that Frankenstein shit?

acovert63 karma

If you live in Cali you can get it at the pharmacy. But the names they give it aren't as good as Dante's.

HostileBojangle29 karma

Is your bush gray?

acovert96 karma

Chest hair is gray but I dye the bush different colors depending on holidays.

Spyder_V28 karma

How did it feel to awkwardly lather your ass in Mr. Deeds? Was it as stimulating as it seemed?

acovert55 karma

It was freezing cold and Peter Gallagher kept laughing at me.

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Prop weed. But Some of the dressing rooms looked like a Cypress Hill concert after we wrapped.

TheTurkeyStick25 karma

Hey Allen, big fan.

1st Question: Out of all your supporting character roles in Happy Madison productions, which is your favorite?

2nd question: How itchy was that beard in Happy Gilmore?

acovert46 karma

My favorite is probably Sammy from the Wedding Singer or Todd from Little Nicky. The Happy Gilmore beard was real so it only itched for the first couple of weeks. The fake one I wore in Jack and Jill was insanely itchy.

Ewwiikk24 karma

I'm seriously so stoked you're doing an AMA right now and I'm trying my best not to fanboy all over my cubicle. I have a few questions for you if you wouldn't mind answering them?

  • 1. Out of all the recent Happy Madison movies, which was your favorite to work on?
  • 2. How often do you see Peter Dante's bare ass?
  • 3. What was the most humbling experience in your career?
  • 4. When you're out in public do most people usually address you by your actual name or the name of a character you've played?

Once again, I'm super stoked you're doing this AMA and thanks!

acovert38 karma

  1. I'm didn't act in it but That's My Boy was definitely my favorite.
  2. Thankfully not as much as I used to.
  3. Probably Grandmas Boy eating it at the box office.
  4. Character name or general description " hey you're that guy from that movie".

LordPringus23 karma

How awkward was that masturbation scene in Grandmas Boy to film?

acovert71 karma

It's always easy when you're writing and laughing. Next thing you know your standing in a fake bathroom with your pajamas around your ankles and fifty people staring at you while you pull it to an an action figure.



acovert26 karma

We're working on a movie called Pixels. Also getting started on Hotel T 2 which will take about two years.

mbmike1220 karma

How similar are you to your character in Grandma's Boy? (one of my favorite movies ever) Are you much of a pothead?

acovert97 karma

I don't know what you are talking about. I use medical marijuana because of my bad back. Or is it because I'm an insomniac? Or was it my headaches?

rockabillynurse20 karma

No questions, just wanted to thank you for the laughs. Battling postpartum depression has been a long journey for me but putting on movies that make me happy at night has kept me going - your flicks are in heavy rotation!

acovert31 karma

You're welcome. Keep fighting the good fight.


Grandma's boy is probably one of the most quoted movies between my friends and I, which line is your favorite from the movie?

acovert72 karma

I have a few. "don't judge me monkey" "her pussy smelled like the Great Depression" and pretty much anything JP says.

StephenSpawnking16 karma

I loved Grandma's boy! Mostly because I was a pro gamer that smoked a lot back in the day. I still watch it at least once a year just for the laughs .

How close would you say Alex resembles your lifestyle?

acovert27 karma

Alex's life is. Ugh more laid back than mine but that's because I have three daughters.

Slimchimichanga16 karma

Hey, Allen! I was wondering which scene in Grandma's Boy was the toughest to film due to being unable to stop cracking up in the middle of it?

acovert42 karma

Anything with Swardson or Joel David Moore together and any scene Kevin Nealon was doing.

Frajer15 karma

Has Adam Sandler ever gotten you a Maserati like he got the stars of Grown Ups?

acovert43 karma

I prefer cash. Can't fit three baby seats in a Maserati.

Scr33nlines14 karma

Is Nick Swardson's story about Peter Dante smoking real pot during the filming of Grandma's Boy true? If so, that just makes the film even funnier. Also, loved the movie, and all of your Happy Madison stuff!

  • edit -

Also, how difficult was it to keep a straight face when J.P. was doing the robot impersonations?

acovert21 karma

I plead the fifth. I was smoking nasty fake weed that tasted like rope.

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yoinkmasta10711 karma

You're welcome. Did you get to keep the Lara Craft doll after Grandma's Boy? I like to think that you proudly display it above your fireplace. Also, congratulations on the new baby.

acovert47 karma

Thanks on the kid. I kept the doll and it was in my office. but then I gave it to a great Army vet who was wounded in Iraq.

NA-Zman14 karma

Hey Allen, I remember seeing Grandma's Boy a year or two back and loving it. One of my favorite late night movies to watch. I heard that Nick did a little switch-a-rooni with some of the weed, is that by any means true?

acovert32 karma

I think he did the switcheroo on the grandmas.

tackthiratrix13 karma

If only one film that you've been involved with could be accesible in 500 years from now, which film would you want to live on?

acovert51 karma

I would have to go with Grandmas Boy. It was definitely the most fun. Plus my real Grandma loved that I made a movie about her.

BattleHardened11 karma

I just wanted to say thank you for "DRIVE MONKEY DRIVE".

Loved that show and everything about it. It's how my girlfriend introduced me to herbal things. It also introduced her to my gamer lifestyle. Sadly, we're not together anymore; but whenever my group is too messed up to drive, it's always DRIVE MONKEY DRIVE.

Also, did you ever get the elephant out of the house?

acovert11 karma

The elephant is still in the house and shitting everywhere. The monkey is so famous he now has his own driver.

Fortunato567810 karma

When you filmed Grandma's Boy did you actually get to play Demonik? Was it any fun, or is it good it got cancelled?

acovert21 karma

They only had a few sections built. The company actually gave us beta footage and we worked the dialogue around what hey had. It looked cool though. I would have played it.

pranksta0610 karma

How many donuts were consumed for the weight gain in Little Nicky?

acovert22 karma

At least six glazed a day and a big bag of nacho cheese Doritos with lunch. Then a pint of Ice cream right before bed. For my recent weight gain it was all Taco Bell and pizza.

plausible-rationale10 karma

And now I've decided to watch Grandma's Boy tonight (for the eighth or ninth time, so thanks for that.

How do your roles in Adam Sandler films come about? I mean, some of them are bit parts (Waterboy), some crazy and necessary (Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer) and some are just passing through cameos. Is the script written with you in mind, do you just find a role you would like (when you're a producer), or does Sandler just say " wanna make some extra cash, make up a character?"

Stay awesome and tell Dante I said hello.

acovert16 karma

It's always different. Sometimes it's written with me in mind. Other times I'll beg. I always defer to casting someone funnier than me.

Chazwozel10 karma

Do you think the monkey judged you?

acovert30 karma

That monkey thought he was better than everyone. Here's a secret. He had foot fetish and couldn't stop touching Dante's feet. Also addicted to Red Vine licorice.

jonnyvegashey9 karma

Allen will you please just say "Hi Jon" to me. Also, you guys introduced me to Tommy Burger. Great place!

Edit: Also, wasn't the Supra in Grandma's Boy from Fast n Furious?

acovert20 karma

Hi Jon.

Mikeydoes9 karma

What are some real life events that inspired Grandma's Boy?

What is something hilarious in the movie you can take credit for?

What is something Swardson can take credit for?

acovert19 karma

I had to stay with my grandma in a small condo for two months once. She didn't know I had tattoos so I was always hiding them from her. She also watched the Food network and Antiques Roadshow non stop. She would sit real close to the tv and have it at full volume. The meals she fixed were also crazy. Swardy and I will take credit together for all things hilarious.

givethezombiespizza8 karma

How did you see me?

acovert19 karma

You're not really invisible you psycho.

Apocalyptic_Squirrel8 karma

If you could have any animal as a pet what would you have

acovert19 karma

I want one of those giant turtles but I think it's illegal to own one.

smellypirateho0ker8 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! How close are you with Peter Dante in real life? and in one of Nick Swardson's stand up acts he said that for some scenes in Grandmas Boy you used real pot, is this true?

acovert21 karma

I've been friends with Dante for almost twenty years. Swardy claims to have switched out the fake weed but I can't comment due to continuing legal actions.

SamLivingston7 karma

Hands down my favorite actor!! What is your favorite movie and why?

acovert16 karma

Caddyshack, Patton, Being There, The Lion in Winter. I just like them.

TehhBlahhh7 karma

I never would have known you were the homeless guy in Happy Gilmore, that beard was real? How long did take to grow?

acovert17 karma

The beard took about three months.

el_duderino877 karma

Where did the idea for the J.P. character in Grandma's Boy come from? I think I may know that guy in real life.

acovert18 karma

That character is straight from Swardsons demented brain and then Joel Moore just killed it.

Wahmbulancer7 karma

Of all the members of the Happy Madison ensemble, who is your favourite to work with?

acovert15 karma

We've all known each other so long so it's always good to see everyone.

D_MAC45456 karma

Who do you think will win the NBA finals this year?

acovert34 karma

Probably The Heat but I'm pulling for the Pelicans purely because of the name.

JPree6 karma

Why'd you kill Bigfoot? or are there MORE than just one Bigfoot and you have killed multiple Bigfeet?

acovert12 karma

For all answers about the killing of Bigfoot I refer you to Starnge Wilderness.

thegrassyknoll5 karma

Will we ever see Heavyweights 2?

acovert15 karma

That would be great. They released a new DVD recently and we all did new commentary for it.

rickfinkel5 karma

Do you think Ben Affleck will make a good Batman?

acovert26 karma

What happened to Michael Keaton?

chewyblues5 karma

What's your take on Affleck as Batman?

acovert45 karma

I was pushing for Chris Rock.

Mikeydoes5 karma

I'm sure you meant- I'm Allen Covert the Homeless Caddy from Happy Gilmore.

In Sandler's movies you got Grandma's Boy and boy was that a good choice. In your (I venture to say) close group of guys that are in all those movies with you.. who do you think deserves a lead role in an upcoming movie?

acovert15 karma

Swardson for sure. He was great in Bucky Larson.

chillywilly294 karma

What would you have wanted to do differently in Grandma's Boy if you could change something?

acovert11 karma

I really can't think of anything. It all came together in a cool way. We made the movie we wanted to make and we've always been happy with the result.

bravo_1014 karma

I remember when u saw grandma's boy in the theater. First time high. Thoroughly enjoyed it... When it was on dvd purchased it and showed my entire family they all loved it.. We are east Indian btw. . I do have a question.... Is there a sequel in the works?

acovert11 karma

As of right now there is no sequel in the works but you never know.

kobedoinwork4 karma

How did you and Adam Sandler become friends?

acovert15 karma

We met in a class called History of Comedy at NYU. A lot of us met there. Tim Herlihy, Frank Coraci, Jack Giarraputto.

earthxmaker4 karma

Do you have any writing rituals/habits? How much of the movies you've done is improved? Thanks for the AMA, you're awesome!

acovert11 karma

My biggest writing habit is procrastination. We always get what we wrote on film and then we try different things. Plus we're all writers so we throw out new stuff in between takes.

ImAjustin3 karma

Yo Allen, big fan of Grandmas Boy Quick Q :Who is your favorite Jewish comedian? any memorable jokes?

acovert11 karma

There are Jewish comedians? I loved Rodney Dangerfield. He was a joke machine.

balla_3213 karma

Can you beat Nick Swardson's high score on Dance Dance Revolution?

acovert12 karma

Not even close. He also holds the record for most controllers smashed while playing. It doesn't matter what game either. He's a big advocate of throwing it across the room.

effyoucancer3 karma

Big Daddy.

1) The kiss... #/10? Would do again? 2) Funniest moment on set?

That movie was my god damned childhood.

acovert6 karma

I think we did six takes. I would do it again. Funniest moment on set was probably me getting knocked out while filming Mr. Deeds. It's in the DVD extras.

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acovert13 karma

Alex has less responsibilities but I have more money. Plus I get to play video games anyway. We have a great movie that we are getting ready called Pixels. It's based on a short film that these cool French guys made. Glad you liked Grandmas Boy.

cali_nico2 karma

How did you feel when you first heard that Jim Norton's new standup special "American Degenerate" was premiering tonight on EPIX at 10pm ET?

acovert10 karma

I felt a special tingling in my pants. As everyone should.

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acovert7 karma

That's like asking which one of my kids i don't like. I love Jack and Jill. My kids love it also. Plus I got to hang out with Al Pacino.

Bammer7-2 karma

Be honest. Sandler is not very smart, is he?

acovert10 karma

Ridiculously smart.

Holy_Ghost_Enema-2 karma

Allen, what are your favorite subreddits? I recommend /r/dickgirls /r/tgirls and /r/girlspooping LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!! :)

acovert9 karma

Thank you for those suggestions. I told my wife to check them out for me. I'll let you know what she thinks.

D3Z3BR4-2 karma

How often do you smoke marijuana. Also how often do you play video games.

acovert6 karma

Not as much as I used too on both.

T1mac-4 karma

From your twitter:

Allen Covert ‏@THATAllenCovert 21 Aug Hey 6 dudes in spandex bike gear at starbucks. The outline of your cock and balls isn't really mixing well with my espresso and muffin.

Why are you looking at these cyclists crotches?

You know, of course, that bike shorts have thick padding in the crouch which obscures the cock and balls, so what you thought you saw maybe might not have been what you saw. I thought you'd like to know.

acovert7 karma

Why do you have to ruin my dreams?