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how was it?

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Here's my pitch:

"Glitter Load" (or G-Load)

Basic P.O.V. of a guy picking up a girl at a bar or whatnot. The girl is wearing glitter. That's his target. He takes her home and they do what all porns do. He gives her a facial and while she is sitting there with it on her face, he grabs a handful of glitter and throws it on her Emeril-style. Then runs away.

Can we get a greenlight?

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I remember when this happened and felt very sad and sorry for you. I saw your Proof picture and your smile gave me a smile as well. I dont have a question. Just want to say it's good thing to see you smile.

Much Love.

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You know it's perfect.

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It's my birthday and I wanted to make sure I was here to catch you. You deserve all the love possible.

Can you wish me HBD like you were The Dean and I was Winger riding a dalma-corn (half unicorn and half dalmatian)?