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Hey Matt, your amazing monologue about the NSA in Good Will Hunting is probably more relevant today than it was when the film was first released.

How did you come up with that scene, and are you at all surprised by the revelations on the NSA from the information released by Snowden?

Here's the NSA clip from GWH for anyone interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrOZllbNarw

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Nic Cage gets a lot of grief here on Reddit, but he's done many great movies and the opening scene in Lord of War is an all time classic.

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Did you have any inkling that Before Sunrise would turn into a trilogy?

Did you and Julie Delpy have a different approach to your roles in this movie compared to the first two films?

Will there be a fourth?

BTW, you were great in Gattaca. I love that film.

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This is from a wired article:

Monsegur (Sabu), for his part, claims he never identified any of his fellow Anonymous hackers to the FBI. His own defense attorney disagreed in his sentencing hearing, telling a judge his “assistance allowed the government to pierce the secrecy surrounding the group, to identify and locate its core members and, successfully, to prosecute them.” Monsegur calls that a political statement intended to lighten his sentence.

What's your comment on his statement? How or why did you give your real name and location to Sabu? When did you know he was an informant?

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What is your favorite destination? Who was the most famous person you took there?