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How do you feel about other events similar to SpartanRace, such as Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash? Have you completed any of those? What is the event you have done that's been the most fun for you? Most difficult?

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I am a HUGE fan of Leverage and was devestated when it ended in 2012. The series finale left it sort-of open to Elliot, Alec and Parker to possible continue on without Nate and Sophie. Are there any plans for a spin-off or movie with the 3 of you, possibly with cameos from Nate and Sophie?

My all-time favorite line from the entire series was "Well ma'am, we be the calvary." from "The Bank Shot Job." which got me into the series and that remains my favorite episode. What were your most and least favorite episodes to work on?

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Excluding Star Trek, what has been the project that you have enjoyed the most? What was it like to work on "Leverage?"

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What's your take on Affleck as Batman?

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I'm from Wisconsin, so of course my question is about drinking. You've told some pretty great drinking stories in your shows, like the Cinnabon incident with Autocorrect and texting your son at 4AM. Do you have any great stories of getting drunk in Wisconsin, or do you just have no memory of them? ;)