Allen Covert

Allen covert
is an American comedian, actor, writer, and producer best known for his frequent collaborations with actor Adam Sandler.

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It is my career.

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That was a lot of fun but I have to go. Adios Turd nuggets.

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I don't know what you are talking about. I use medical marijuana because of my bad back. Or is it because I'm an insomniac? Or was it my headaches?

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Chest hair is gray but I dye the bush different colors depending on holidays.

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My erection definitely couldn't reach the submit button.

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Don't know. I have been calling Fox about this. I will put more pressure on them for you.

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I have a few. "don't judge me monkey" "her pussy smelled like the Great Depression" and pretty much anything JP says.

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Prop weed. But Some of the dressing rooms looked like a Cypress Hill concert after we wrapped.

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It's always easy when you're writing and laughing. Next thing you know your standing in a fake bathroom with your pajamas around your ankles and fifty people staring at you while you pull it to an an action figure.

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If you live in Cali you can get it at the pharmacy. But the names they give it aren't as good as Dante's.