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StephenSpawnking155 karma

I feel the internet will eventually not only become the sum of all human knowledge, but also consciousness and human emotion.

Imagine when the internet becomes sentient.

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I loved Grandma's boy! Mostly because I was a pro gamer that smoked a lot back in the day. I still watch it at least once a year just for the laughs .

How close would you say Alex resembles your lifestyle?

StephenSpawnking5 karma

Cypher was a joy to watch, he was just one of those players that had that fluid almost easy style. Many greats have come along with their own flavor, but there was nothing quite like Cypher when we was on form. From about 2010 - 2014 Cypher was just a beast.

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Saw James in the twitch chat when watching live. So yes he did.

StephenSpawnking2 karma

Hi James (or /u/GDFireFrog)

What level of game configuration will you providing with Diabotical. Will we for example be able to jump in quite deep and change graphic stuff like picmip settings (like in quake), texture settings, mouse settings like acceleration, hud options?, weapon firing styles? etc?