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here's our latest music vid:

Some proof that it's us and that Kim is enjoying beer and cookies:


EDIT: WO we're on the front page, thanks for being here!

EDIT: We're headed out, we appreciate you all for stopping by. And if you wanna know a couple things about us and where we came from we answered a lot of questions below so check it out! -m

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MUFColin1131 karma

Why don't you pick up your phone in the daylight?

mattandkim1239 karma

Actually i never pick up my phone! I will text the shit out of you though!-k

magophers704 karma

What exactly is your relationship status? Married, dating, friends?

What is the approximate circumference of Kim's ass?

mattandkim1184 karma

We are dating! -k

IamStrongerThanYou211 karma

How has your success impacted your dating life? And Matt - if you like it, you better put a ring on it. :-)

mattandkim454 karma

I once heard a wise woman say the same thing. -m

sunflowerdojo966 karma

upvote for kims butt.

mattandkim1773 karma

I just upvoted kim's butt -m

the3ysmen207 karma

...So what is the approximate circumference of it?

Edit: this is so god damn creepy

mattandkim508 karma

not sure of the exact measurement, but certainly bigger than a bread box... -m

mattandkim717 karma

Also this will fit into my new subreddit nicely AMAAKA "Ask Me Anything About Kim's Ass"

atticus138658 karma

Hey guys, superfan and founder of /r/MattAndKim here. Thank you for the AMA! My daughter and I love you and your music so much!

Will you please play "5K" for me us the next time you come to St. Louis?

mattandkim746 karma

Ha! we haven't played 5k in awhile... but i will say it could come back! -k

misoasian606 karma

Why does Matt's name get to be first?

mattandkim936 karma

It looks better graphically! Its the art school in us! -k

mattandkim532 karma

P.S. i set my "sorted by" back to "best" so upvote what you want answered!!! -m

mattandkim293 karma

Gonna go back to answering some new questions again for a bit... -m

ron57158 karma

I always think of the bonus track on Grand. "Cuz I'm Matt...and she's Kim...and We're Matt & Kim!!"

DeviantBreadcrumb143 karma

Question: How goddamn high were you when you made that bonus track?

mattandkim280 karma

i was super sick while recording vocals and taking cold medicine and too much nasal spray at one time... i was kinda floating on a cloud. -m

ryemort540 karma

Do you guys ever do it on the tour bus?

mattandkim1155 karma

When the bus is a rocking... -m

Diggey11457 karma

Record it and make 10s of hundreds of dollars.

Smithrope622 karma


Diggey111324 karma

Well ladida we have a freaking mathematician here.

mattandkim876 karma

Just lol'd at the mathematician comment -m

Dunskap389 karma

How awkward was it to shoot Lessons Learned? + Is the bus alright?

mattandkim822 karma

Kim said she was so nervous she blacked out and doesn't remember it. And a bus hitting kim is like a bus hitting chuck norris. The bus doesn't hit her, she hits the bus. -m

bubblingbeebles369 karma

How did the "crowd surf booty dance" come about? Have you ever fallen?

mattandkim506 karma

Matt use to walk on the crowd and sing in Silver tiles. Then he hurt his back. We were in San Francisco and i thought well i guess it's my turn to go out. I don't know it just kind of happened and then it stuck. We keep thinking of taking it out of the set cause i don't want people to get bored! -k

Joseole355 karma

I just wanted to stop by and say, you guys killed it at the House of Blues in AC, caught one of your drumsticks Kim! One of the best nights ever. Cannot wait to see y'all again at Lollapalooza!

mattandkim417 karma

ill try to throw you another one! -k

sara-tron341 karma

At what moment did you both know that you wanted to be together?

mattandkim833 karma

When i saw him walking across campus! -k

CMangaFan337 karma

I love your music. Sometimes I just listen to your songs on repeat, and it helps me focus on my work.

I guess my question is, what are your favorite dinosaurs?

mattandkim501 karma

what is the flying one? That one is pretty cool! -k

badguyfedora208 karma

Pterodactyl :)

mattandkim396 karma

And why the fuck does it start with a "p" who can i fire for that? -m

shanim13314 karma

How do you guys feel about Daylight being one of your most popular songs ?

mattandkim531 karma

Daylight is one of those songs where all the stars aligned and it just worked right, but it's funny cause it sounds really low fi but there is just something about it that works! -m

mattandkim443 karma

I love it. I think its a great song and i am stoked when people connect to a song and it seems like alot of people connect to daylight! -k

beckiface286 karma

Hi Matt! Hi Kim! Hi Matt and Kim!

Are you ready? You said it should be weird. It's a long shot...

Do you want to be justices of the peace at my wedding in the summer of 2014? Please? And/or come to the afterparty?

You are so awesome! We got the idea at the House of Blues Boston show. We wanted to make a sign to ask you at the Passion Pit show, but our seats were way too far away. We were going to make a sign for Boston Calling, but this AMA is the perfect venue.

Matt, I heard you had not been to a wedding in your adult life. Now is your chance!

You guys are the greatest! I love to car dance to all of your music. You also always put on the most amazing live shows. Thanks for doing the AMA!

mattandkim342 karma

oh man... do you hear what i say on stage?? you do not want me talking at your wedding! Your grandparents would be pissed! Congrats though!!! Make it the craziest party of your life! -k

PatDoesIt286 karma

Matt, Do you ever get mad that you'll never twerk as good as Kim?

mattandkim605 karma

What are you talking about... he gets to watch me twerk. That is pretty good! -k

brewbaker25255 karma

  1. On average, how much alcohol do you two intake during the night of a concert?
  2. On average, how much sex do you two have a night?
  3. In terms of quantity, how much beer would I need to get you two to come out to party with me?
  4. Why is it that I can see the moon when the sun is still out?

mattandkim484 karma

  1. 2-3 beers..
  2. depends on how tired we are from the show. If it is a good tour at least once a night.
  3. Hmm well beer is easy for us to get. I think you need to think of something else to get us out.
  4. I have no idea but if you figure that shit out let me know!

Ntwi186 karma

  1. Kim is it true you have a tattoo above your vagina?

  2. Will your guys' next album be more like grand or lightning?

mattandkim276 karma

hahaa i'm sure you can see that tattoo slightly in the It's Alright video... i have no idea what the next matt and kim will be like but i think it will be different from anything that has come before it. -m

mkrzysko173 karma

Hey guys!

I love your music and your live show at MSG with Passion Pit and Icona Pop was hands down the best show I’ve ever been to. Anyway, I only have a couple questions:

  1. How can you guys go crazy hard for every single show, every night? Any show where you’re so emotionally and physically drained you kinda fall flat? I saw this quote that “Matt and Kim don’t put on a show, Matt and Kim put on a party” and feel like it’s definitely true.

  2. What’s it like working with your “partner-in-sex” (as Matt described it) full time? Any times where you guys are at each other’s throats?

  3. As a band with a very distinct sound, how do you try to expand and grow from previous albums?

  4. And one last one… I can’t wait to see you guys again at Bonnaroo. Do you know what time you’ll be playing at Roo? I definitely don’t want to miss it. And finally, any chance you’re down for a crazy late night hang out? I’ll provide the goodies…

Thanks so much, and keep on twerkin hard.

mattandkim220 karma

  1. The show is the most important part of our day. We make sure we aren't tired for it! Also if the fans go crazy that just gives us energy!
  2. It works out great for us. I wouldn't have it any other way. I also get laid every night!
  3. We are always hoping to grow. Doing the same thing can be boring.
  4. ha. i have no idea. we'll have to do a AMA with our tour manager! -k

SchoolyJ173 karma

Do you ever do the dance routine from the video 'It's Alright' just for fun?

mattandkim614 karma

actually we haven't since we shot the video, but tonight it think we'll try it again... but this time naked. -m

otaconstfu168 karma

How pumped are you to play at Bonnaroo?

mattandkim320 karma

Super pumped but ready to sweat it out. I remember the last time we played it just seeing people passing out in the tent and getting handed over the barricade as we played... make sure to hydrate! -m

PhillyBluntBitch164 karma


mattandkim368 karma

the mountains of vermont! We got bit up by a bunch of big ol' flies. You got to be careful doing it outdoors! -k

the3ysmen133 karma

Mod from /r/MattAndKim .

Thanks for finally doing the AMA!

mattandkim230 karma

Shout out to my people over at /r/mattandkim thanks for being on the team! -m

ohmymike133 karma

Will you give my brother a hug at your Vegas show at the end of May?

mattandkim424 karma

I'll give him a butt squeeze for sure. -m

pottscotis132 karma

Hey Matt and Kim! You guys are the best! Thanks for featuring my postcard drawing on your Youtube slideshow a while back!

Ok here's my question. Which video of yours has been the absolute most fun to shoot? All of them are so creative and fucking crazy!

PS: Keep on coming to Detroit, you guys put on the best fucking show ever!!!

mattandkim176 karma

Lot of luv from Detroit on here! Funnest one must have been cameras... just doing the fighting training etc... something i never expected to experience in my life! -m

summer2013130 karma

I just want to say that seeing you two play at the electric factory in Philadelphia two years ago changed my life. I saw how much fun you guys where having and how much you loved your jobs, and realized that I wanted to do something that made me that happy for the rest of my life.

Love your music, keep being awesome

mattandkim180 karma

That is the way you should look at life. If you love what you do you'll do whatever it takes to do it and do it right! -k

jvb2358126 karma

My girlfriend and I NEED to know! matt, when your watching kim's ass on stage (don't deny it) do you ever get a big ol woody!? If so what was the most awkward occasion?

mattandkim275 karma

Hahaa i like that ya'll NEED to know, i'll keep ya guessing... -m

secretjellyfish115 karma

How did you two meet and form the band?

mattandkim332 karma

Kim layed the moves on me... and the rest is history

MayoDomo114 karma

How big is Matt's dick?

mattandkim263 karma

lets just say i don't complain at all! -k

mattandkim260 karma

I guess we did say "no question was off limits"

emuhlee95114 karma

Will you guys ever tour with Tegan and Sara??

mattandkim193 karma

Just met them a couple months ago for the first time, they're really rad. Bout to do a tour in Australia called Groovin the Moo that we're both on. -m

playjex108 karma

gimme your weirdest fan related story...

mattandkim314 karma

once we got a letter from two younger kids saying they wanted to do some crazy sexual things to us. We started keeping our address a secret after that! -k

ThatNerdyGuy1095 karma

Hi Matt and Kim!!! My girlfriend(Rachel) and I love your music!!! We were so excited to hear you all were doing an AMA but then Rachel realized she had to work tonight :( could I get you all to give a shout out to her?! It would surprise her completely!! She also wanted to ask you what you two do when you're not together and doing your own stuff?

mattandkim260 karma

HOLLA!!!! RACHEL!!!!! Ha. We aren't really not together. Today i was working in my art studio while matt was... i think he was watching tv. But we were just a floor apart. He then came down to see what i was working on. -k

ron5792 karma

Is it ever uncomfortable or tense when you have to have your own personal relationship as a couple, yet perform shows? For example, have you ever had a little tiff, and then had to perform a show right afterwards? If so, is that ever tough?

mattandkim294 karma

What is going to sound weird is we don't really fight. I mean sometimes we get frustrated but it isn't like it bothers us to where the show suffers. Sometimes if you are having a bad day just playing a show makes everything ok. -k

sniktbubsnikt78 karma

Hey Matt and Kim, love your music. You're easily one of my favourites, you killed it on Lightning. Fantastic album!

Sooo here's my question; Which band would you love to play with at a gig? And are there any upcoming bands that you would recommend?

Thanks for reading! :)

mattandkim184 karma

Dude we've been super lucky to play with people we like already from Blink 182, to Girl Talk, to Against Me, to Major Lazer, to Weezer i don't know the list could go forever! -m

Ballsaxs77 karma

Kim, how do you feel about people giving Macklemore credit for originating the walking on the crowd?

Ps. Can't wait to get weird this summer in Milwaukee with you guys

mattandkim262 karma

He may walk on the crowd but i drop it low! Maybe macklemore and i will have to have a crowd top booty dance off! -k

behindblueyes72476 karma

favorite sex position?

mattandkim333 karma

What ISN'T my favorite sex position? -m

Flamacue75 karma

Which musician(s) would the two of you most like to collaborate with?

mattandkim232 karma

If i could pick anyone... i'd say Big Sean and TI. -k

thisismytrip67 karma

I've seen you guys at the Majestic Theater a couple of times and just want to ask: Is Detroit one of those cities that holds a special place in your heart when you play there, or does it blend in with the rest? Also, what's your favorite beer?

EDIT: I just had to add this. Grand (specifically Daylight) is the album I think of when I think of driving around having fun with my best friends in high school. Just want you to know that it holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for making awesome music.

mattandkim137 karma

That's a tough question, all the cities are like my children i can't pick a favorite, but it is the only city i've had a gun pulled on me in so it's definitely bad-ass. -m

patty_d_2762 karma

Hey guys! Matt, my girlfriend and I met you outside of your most recent show in Philly at the Electric Factory and we took stupid pictures together! Here's one of them! Also, to both of you, what are your favorite sandwiches?

See you at Lolla!

mattandkim146 karma

Good question and sweet photo:

Swiss cheese Lettuce tomato avocado dijon mustard yellow peppers vinegar on an everything bagel toasted

velocirapture4758 karma

what is your favorite city to play a show in?

mattandkim157 karma

oh man that is tough. The towns that get crazy are the ones we enjoy playing. I will say towns like Detroit and Salt lake city go fucking nuts! -k

leahtardd53 karma

Kim you are the happiest person I have ever seen on stage. Your joy and presence filled me with light and happiness.

No question really, just a thank you. Keep doing what you're doing!

mattandkim57 karma

I do love banging the shit out of the drums! -k

IAm_ThatGirl52 karma

Would Kim (or either of you) ever consider posing nude? Considering you all were in the 'Lessons Learned' video, I would think it may be possible. I look up to Kim from a fitness standpoint as well!

mattandkim130 karma

we don't think bodies are something to be ashamed of... both went to art school, did naked figure drawing... so i'm not going to say it isn't gonna happen! -m

drnono121548 karma

If you could be any type of sandwich, what kind will you be?

mattandkim231 karma

I know it's not a sandwich but son... I'D BE A BURRITO ALL DAY EVERY DAY! -m

flowershine45 karma

I dont have anything to ask, I just wanted to say I adore you guys so so much. Thank you so much for being awesome!

mattandkim55 karma

My pleasure -m

Mynameismayo45 karma

if you could do a tour with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

mattandkim157 karma

I want to do a tour with Santigold. We just did a show with her recently and she is really nice. Also her album is sick!!! -k

Mynameismayo45 karma

who is the craziest, partiest, most wild person youve ever seen at one of your shows?

mattandkim218 karma

Hmm i don't know how to answer this. I mean like who can i see doing the craziest shit? There was the guy in NY who crowd surfed me a beer. But that has happened in other towns. His was especially awesome cause he went from the front row and crowd surfed to the back. Was handed a beer at the bar and then crowd surfed it back to me in time for me to take a giant gulp and then continue playing! -k

ReddityDoopity43 karma

Dear Matt and Kim,

Your music has been a huge inspiration to me over these last few years and the positivity and energy behind it is something that has always helped me look forward to every new day. I set aside Wednesdays to be my "Matt and Kim appreciation day" and it is perfect in making an otherwise monotonousness day flow with ease and with a smile.

I know this isn't really a question, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to have you two know how truly inspiring you both are and how much your music has helped me through life. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I wish you both the best possible and I want to apologize for pirating one of your albums. (I bought it later on but still feel guilty)

Much love, your favorite Doopity

mattandkim161 karma

don't feel guilty. I just want people to enjoy it and sometimes people don't have the means to buy it. I'd like to think for those who get it other ways that if they share and introduce our album to other people that is like buying it! -k

Sumidiotdude36 karma

Hey Matt & Kim! I've had the opportunity to see you guys twice in concert (with obligatory pictures 1 & 2) and both times you guys were awesome!

I was wondering what the story behind your song Silver Tiles is. I remember you guys saying it was the first song you'd ever written, and a lot of the lines like "The B I got in school" seem to have some sort of backstory to them.

mattandkim57 karma

Sometimes when working on a song matt sings some gibberish. I thought he said "The B i got in school" It stuck with me and i made him keep it. -k

wheezymustafa35 karma

My friends and I are going to the KXT Summer Cut in Dallas just to see you! Can't wait!

Say, since you're playing in between other bands, any idea how long your set will be? Also, can we cancel all of the other performances so you can play longer?

mattandkim63 karma

Ha ha, i'm sure it will be around an hour... is it gonna be hot as ballz? what should i wear? -m

thatfuckinghipster30 karma

Love you guys! Been following you guys since you were doing house shows. Love you stuff and can't wait to see where you take it.

Proudest moment as a band?

Proudest moment as a couple?

Best on the road story?

mattandkim83 karma

i look back at all these years and am proud of it all... and for kim and me that we spend every waking second together and haven't killed each other yet... theres a big success -m

mattwrobel28 karma

I saw you guys last November and it was the best show I've ever been to. I really loved how you would play a song, stop, play a hip hop song, then pick right back into the starting track. What gave you guys the idea to do that at your shows? It truly made the show so much better.

mattandkim54 karma

I guess cause we came up playing parties. It was more about the overall night then just the show. We want to keep that party vibe going. I guess it is kind of like a dj set. Also i love to dance so it gives me a chance to step out from behind the drums! -k

LuckyLML328 karma

How do you guys stay so energetic on long tours? Do you still have my "Matt and Kim are my Hometoasts" poster I gave you in Philadelphia? Can't wait to see you at the Firefly Festival in Dover, DE!

mattandkim16 karma

We get really tired some times. We try to sleep at least 8 hours a night while on the road... I think the hardest thing on tour is not getting sick! I don't think we have that poster anymore. Might be time for a new one! -k

Yamanushi28 karma

What is your greatest inspiration for music?

mattandkim85 karma

other people who do cool shit! doesn't matter if it's music... it can be film or writing or photography, if others are doing cool shit... then i want to do cool shit! -m

honestjudas26 karma

Hey M+K, I'm a huge fan. I saw you guys at Montclair in November, shit was cray. Anyways, what would you say your biggest breakthrough as a band was? Also, what was your first gig?

mattandkim48 karma

First show was in the basement of an art gallery in Queens NY. to 10 people or so and we were so fuckin nervous! -m

jddaniels24 karma

What was the hardest song for you guys to write? & What's your favorite song you've ever written, if you had to choose one from all of your awesome songs.

Also, thanks for writing such awesome music. Block after Block is one of my most played songs, last time I checked it had over 4 times the listens compared to all of my other songs.

mattandkim56 karma

oh man that is kind of an impossible question. You know how you do something and you think fuck this is the hardest thing ever... then months pass and you think that wasn't so hard. That is what it is like recording. You work so hard on it but then after it's done you think... shit that was easy! -k

the_woot_shoot23 karma

Yo M and K!

I saw you guys in Indy in '11, during Cinders i found it appalling no one was dancing / jumping around, so i charged to the front row getting elbowed and punched along the way. I managed to be up there for 2 songs before i was forced back a bit, but i like to think i helped liven the crowd. Best show ive ever been to.

But my question is what would you rather fight ala "Cameras" style, 100 duck sized Matt's, or a T-rex size Kim.

See you guys at Forecastle!

mattandkim36 karma

T-rex me! I can take em'! -k

eziome20 karma

What is your favorite kind of music to listen to/who inspires your sound and your style (if anyone)?

mattandkim49 karma

I listen to a ton of hip hop and pop punk! I guess anything that is fun inspires us! -k

nmeadow20 karma

Big fan of your music and videos. What's the creative process look like when you are developing a music video?

mattandkim41 karma

I keep a list in my phone of different ideas for videos... whether i come up with something in the middle of the night or while i'm out to dinner it's once i lost my phone in Europe and what i was most scared of was people getting that list! -m

TurtleAxe19 karma

I'm in love with your music. What is the greatest influence to your music?

mattandkim29 karma

anything we find fun! -k

scd1717 karma

what is your favorite thing to do before or after a show?

mattandkim40 karma

EAT!!! usually after the show cause you can't eat too close to when you play or it comes up! -k

GyratingDeer15 karma

Matt and Kim, I love your music! I can only imagine how much fun it is to make the sounds that you guys create. What are your favorite songs that you have written and why!

mattandkim40 karma

ron 57 is correct. I love it's alright. while writing it i would dance whenever we worked on it. It still makes me dance. Anything that makes me drop it low makes me happy! -k

dandaman034514 karma

Have you ever farted on stage so loudly that the microphone picked it up? It is a constant fear of mine any-time I have to speak publicly. Please use extraneus detail.

mattandkim10 karma

Beano son... drop some of that after before you eat your broccoli, it'll keep you chill -m

mirepoix14 karma

Weird, just saw this randomly and wanted to say I'm real happy for all your success. Comment will probably get buried, but I was friends with you (Kim) a little while at Pratt like 12 years ago just before you met Matt. You seem just the same as then.

mattandkim17 karma

pratt 4eva, i'll make sure kim sees this! -m

llikegiraffes11 karma

Just want to say that I had a real rough day and just walked back to my room while listening to your music. It made me smile to see you guys are on Reddit right now. Keep on being awesome. I appreciate your music a lot.

mattandkim15 karma

Fuck bad days!!! Do something crazy fun tonight and then you'll only remember how awesome that was and forget about the shitty part of the day! -k

tannerdanger11 karma

What are your feelings on all the collabs of your songs? Do you guys ever think of doing more like the one with Andrew WK/ Soulja Boy (sp?)? Your music sounds awesome when mixed with other awesome songs! Obviously its awesome on its own too! I play your music on my plane in Afghanistan all the time!

mattandkim13 karma

I really want to try more collaboration in the future, it was really fun and different, but me and kim are kinda control freaks so sometimes it can be tuff -m

DimmuJed5 karma

Will you ever team up with any other "Person and person" teams?

For instance, I'd love to see a Tim & Eric / Matt and Kim crossover. Or at least have Eric direct a video.

Do you ever plan to release any cover songs?

What is your favorite band you've toured with?

mattandkim11 karma

hmmm bert and ernie maybe, those two are cold gangstas -m

BestGameMaster5 karma

I don't really have a question, just wanted to say that I love your music. When I'm feeling sad, I just listen to 'Daylight' and I feel happy!

mattandkim4 karma

We should team up with a medical company! -m

Juicy5554 karma

Hey Matt & Kim Thanks for the AMA you guys literally are my favorite band I got one of those signed CD's from you guys a little while back :)

Few questions..

What brands of instruments do the two of you enjoy using most?

Matt - I have heard you say you are "hairy" but ya don't grow out that beard of yours... ever think of growing it out?

PS : Hurry up and come back to Minnesota... I couldn't go last time :(

mattandkim11 karma

I grew a beard one time about 8 years ago, i saw a picture of myself and it scared me cause i looked too much like a man -m