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beckiface286 karma

Hi Matt! Hi Kim! Hi Matt and Kim!

Are you ready? You said it should be weird. It's a long shot...

Do you want to be justices of the peace at my wedding in the summer of 2014? Please? And/or come to the afterparty?

You are so awesome! We got the idea at the House of Blues Boston show. We wanted to make a sign to ask you at the Passion Pit show, but our seats were way too far away. We were going to make a sign for Boston Calling, but this AMA is the perfect venue.

Matt, I heard you had not been to a wedding in your adult life. Now is your chance!

You guys are the greatest! I love to car dance to all of your music. You also always put on the most amazing live shows. Thanks for doing the AMA!

beckiface127 karma

That was kind of why we wanted it; you guys are hilarious! I figured there was a .02% chance. :)

Thanks for responding!!! That was very exciting. Can't wait to see you again and keep on being awesome!

I am determined to party with you sometime.