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How's that ass feel?

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Hey guys, superfan and founder of /r/MattAndKim here. Thank you for the AMA! My daughter and I love you and your music so much!

Will you please play "5K" for me us the next time you come to St. Louis?

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All shitlines shall be crossed tonight.

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Thank you for your time, man! It's been an honor to have you here tonight. On behalf of the /r/trailerparkboys mods, you are more than welcome to come back at time, even to just say hi. No AMA or plans necessary, man.... feel free to log in and say hello at any time at all.

Have a good one, Cyrus. You fuckin' dick. ;)

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I've got a couple things...

1 - Aside from the possible upcoming TPB movie, do you have any new or interesting projects in the works?

and 2 or 3, or whatever the fuck number we're on, have you seen the Trailer Park Boys Drinking Game? SmartWentCody posted it here last month.