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Hey Matt and Kim, love your music. You're easily one of my favourites, you killed it on Lightning. Fantastic album!

Sooo here's my question; Which band would you love to play with at a gig? And are there any upcoming bands that you would recommend?

Thanks for reading! :)

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Hey Damian, big fan here! OK Go are my favourite band.

I went to see you play live at The Charlotte in Leicester (UK) in 2006, and after the gig finished myself and a friend managed to speak to you at the bar. You gave me a hug and referred to my friend as 'babe', which I believe made her entire year. It also made mine, aha.

Considering it was a memorable gig for me, what has been your favourite gig? Any stand-out moments whilst on tour?

Thanks for reading, looking forward to the new album, it sounds superb so far.

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Haha, wonderful response! Thanks Damian. Keep up the great work.

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Hey Kevin, big fan here. If it wasn't for the Turtles, my childhood just wouldn't have been as much as fun as it was. You're doing a fantastic job with the comic, and I try to recommend the IDW series to any customer who pops into the comic shop I work at.

Anyway, my question for you is this;

The Turtles have lasted 30 long years already, and it seems like they're going through another popular boom. However, how much longevity do you see in the franchise? Is it likely that we will the turtles in another 30 years? And if so, where will they most likely be?

Keep up the good work anyway, and thanks for bringing the TMNT into my life.