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Alton brown did an AMA a little while ago here, and it was awesome. Seeing as he puts a lot of science into his cooking, would/could a collaboration between the two of you seem a realistic possibility? And of course would you like to do it?

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Hey Adam, i was at the rally to restore sanity/fear in DC several years ago and was part of your "biggest sample ever" In that experiment, did you actually expect to get any seismic result? or were you surprised that we actually registered a significant vibration? also, did you guys feel it on stage?

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who is the craziest, partiest, most wild person youve ever seen at one of your shows?

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if you could do a tour with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

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did having your name of FC Barcelona's jerseys for several years have any effect on organization? did donations increase from spain?