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DimmuJed7 karma

So let me get this straight, you are releasing a song for free, then encouraging people to buy it after they listen to it, because fuck the industry, this is the new way.

Isn't this like telling people they need to pay for oxygen after the fact? Also, if anything the only thing this will prove is the hive mind popularity is just that. See Kony2012.

What i've seen that WORKS and makes sense is music for free, download codes come with shirts, concert tickets, etc. That I can get behind. I guess I'm not seeing the clear goal of this attempt or what the real change you are striving for.

DimmuJed5 karma

Will you ever team up with any other "Person and person" teams?

For instance, I'd love to see a Tim & Eric / Matt and Kim crossover. Or at least have Eric direct a video.

Do you ever plan to release any cover songs?

What is your favorite band you've toured with?