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This answer, is how you get reddits support. I'm a Washington state resident and I'll be watching you closely (in the elections... Not in a creepy way...)

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This AMA is fantastic.

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I was on KAF during this time and I fly the C130s there so if you got on a medevac out of Kandahar on a 130 it was me or one of my guys. Glad to see you made it through despite the loss of your legs. Much respect for you and what you've sacrificed. Best of luck to you brother.

Sidenote: Lewis/Mchord is in my hometown.

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It means he's the kind of mechanic who takes his clothes off so they don't get wrinkled.

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What are your feelings on all the collabs of your songs? Do you guys ever think of doing more like the one with Andrew WK/ Soulja Boy (sp?)? Your music sounds awesome when mixed with other awesome songs! Obviously its awesome on its own too! I play your music on my plane in Afghanistan all the time!