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Typed it into google at work, made it to the L in clam and thought "I should read the other comment before moving forward". Thanks.

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Just want to say that I had a real rough day and just walked back to my room while listening to your music. It made me smile to see you guys are on Reddit right now. Keep on being awesome. I appreciate your music a lot.

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As someone who knows very little about what it takes to be a composer (let alone for animation), what do you spend most of your time doing? In other words, what's a normal workday?

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Bad Moon Rising was awesome!

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Has there been any research that shows kids who have the choice on what to read wind up with a better reading level? I remember having to read the worst books growing up (especially during summer reading). When I got to read a book I actually liked, I really enjoyed it, but the bad books made me feel burnt out.

PS- please ensure Where the Red Fern Grows is nowhere near your game ;)