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mkrzysko173 karma

Hey guys!

I love your music and your live show at MSG with Passion Pit and Icona Pop was hands down the best show I’ve ever been to. Anyway, I only have a couple questions:

  1. How can you guys go crazy hard for every single show, every night? Any show where you’re so emotionally and physically drained you kinda fall flat? I saw this quote that “Matt and Kim don’t put on a show, Matt and Kim put on a party” and feel like it’s definitely true.

  2. What’s it like working with your “partner-in-sex” (as Matt described it) full time? Any times where you guys are at each other’s throats?

  3. As a band with a very distinct sound, how do you try to expand and grow from previous albums?

  4. And one last one… I can’t wait to see you guys again at Bonnaroo. Do you know what time you’ll be playing at Roo? I definitely don’t want to miss it. And finally, any chance you’re down for a crazy late night hang out? I’ll provide the goodies…

Thanks so much, and keep on twerkin hard.

mkrzysko39 karma

Colin - I noticed early on you wear the same attire every single WU. Is that a wardrobe choice or a superstition thing? From now on I'll only ever be able to picture you in that.

Also, please tell me you've written a scene for you and Leslie to do the Drunken Soulmates sketch.