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My girlfriend wants to do things in the dark with you - how am I supposed to react to this?

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Aye yoyoyo...wololoooo

Thanks for revising this, I'm so excited! Tell me, are we going to still be able to use cheese steak Jimmy's, how do you turn this on, and all of the other kickass cheats that were on the orig?

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It will be hot as balls - I think it's safe to say both of you can make it a thong-only event

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In season one of Eastbound and Down there was a car scene where Katy Mixon took off her top - those were stunt boobs, right?

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What's with CNN's "Doomsday" countdown for the debt ceiling cutoff? Don't you guys think that's a little much?

I'm scared Wolf might ingest some cyanide pils when it reaches 0. :p