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birdy1494582 karma

You are a turkey since two days ago? That's nice

cichael7191 karma

Knew these comments were coming since I can't edit the post😂

JR_Maverick124 karma

Are you worried that the hair transplant might become sentient and start trying to kill you like in the Simpsons?

cichael755 karma

I was totally worried it was snakes hair they were using, once I grows in you might see me on the news

ginks_2192 karma

I heard that you have to do the transplant over and over throughout your life. If so, how frequently and will the expenditure increase overtime?

cichael795 karma

It all really depends on how the rest of your hair is to whether or not you need to. The hair you get transplanted in will stay however if the hair on top of your head starts to bald then you will need to go and get that done as well.

nastyhoneybadger71 karma

I'll have the same procedure in 1.5 weeks. Thanks for describing the pain of the anesthetic jags in detail, already looking forward to it 😂 What do you think, would you able to drive a car the day after? Asking because I still don't know how to go to the airport.

cichael751 karma

Yeah I feel the people I spoke to under played how painful the jags were so I just wanted make sure people knew lol, if it doesn't feel like it's worked enough just ask for some more. I feel I would definitely have been ok to drive the day after, how long do you plan on driving? Because the only problem you could have is that you need to sleep at atheist a 45 degree angle or sitting up so you don't really get the best sleep which could result in you being tired the next day for driving. I also recommend a travel pillow for sleeping it really helped me.

nastyhoneybadger8 karma

Good point! I always sleep in the most weird positions, so I guess that will be not the worst part for me. How long did it take in total? I will get 4-4.5k grafts.

And the car ride is 90 Mins, so I guess it's okay, at least better than a 2h train ride on a Friday evening

cichael713 karma

Yeah I've actually managed to sleep a ok but you do wake up and sort yourself a few times during the night. I ended up with 3.5k grafts and I was in for a total of 7 hours, this included the consultation at the start and a 15 minute break in the middle when they have me some dinner. Yeah 90 minutes isn't too bad but you need to avoid caffeine so just as long as you aren't too tired it will be fine.

spacecatbiscuits3 karma

man that seems crazy fast

is it just one person doing it?

I think I had fewer grafts and it took longer, like almost a whole day

1 hour including a 15 minute break, and a consultation?

cichael72 karma

Apologies it was supposed to say 7 hours and not 1 hour lol. But I did have at least 2 people working on it at all times

ProfessorManhood48 karma

How did you pick the clinic | what made you trust the clinic you choose?

cichael757 karma

I chose it due to knowing 5 people who had already been and have had amazing results.

spacecatbiscuits34 karma

Can you post their pics?

I've had it done, paid $3k in Serbia, which I was happy with. But $1200GBP for 3.5k grafts seems amazingly good.

cichael736 karma

Post pics of the people I knows transplants? I can ask if they are happy with them being shared yeah

wigitalk32 karma

Why Turkey?

cichael777 karma

The price in the UK I was probably looking at about 7.5k+ but it was only £1200 in turkey and that was including PRP treatment so it saved a lot of money.

harryba9 karma

Which clinic did you use?

cichael723 karma

I used longevita.

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I thought UK had free healthcare?

cichael78 karma

The UK does have free health care but this was a choice to get this surgery for the look of it, it isn't something I need

rookie99932 karma

How's the pain post op?

cichael735 karma

There isn't much pain so far, yesterday there was almost none but today there is a little stinging on the back of my head but nothing too bad.

Kinggambit9020 karma

Everyday gets better bro. The numbness will go away week by week. The most fun is around month 4, the sensitivity has returned allot by then and everything is starting to fill in.

cichael73 karma

Did you see the best results around the 12 month stage?

rb6k18 karma

What was the problem with being bald? I just took the plunge on shaving my head completely and it’s the best decision I could’ve made. I feel so happy with it. I appreciate that everyone’s different so I’m not judging. Did you feel it didn’t suit you? Or are you simply too young to feel it’s time? I’m in my mid 30s. This is an expensive and painful procedure.

cichael727 karma

Didn't have a problem with it, I shaved it once and it actually looked decent but I just felt like having hair for a while longer at least just because I like having hair but yeah everyone is different

TheBigThrowington17 karma

How long will it last, is it a permanent fix? Would it be a case if it receded elsewhere you'd just have to have them areas done but the parts done already will be now permanent?

How much did it cost?

cichael717 karma

So yes the part that has been done is permanent as long as I take care of it in the recovery phase. This is because it comes from the back of the head which is immune to the receding and balding that the too of my hair was having. If the rest starts to go I can go and get that done as well. It costs £1000 and then I opted to pay an extra £200 to have prp treatment as it is meant to really help.

NostalgicBear31 karma

I had mine done in the UK about 3.5 years ago. I’ll share some words with you that we’re not clearly shared with me, which led to a lot of annoyance and frustration. First off, I hope they explained clearly to you that the hair is going to fall out in a few weeks - the follicles will still be there but the hair will fall out, and you won’t really see results for about a year when it starts to truly grow. The second thing that really was not fully explained to me is that it’s not at all guaranteed that it will all be a success. I don’t mean to say that to scare you, but a small part of my transplant did not take as well as the rest. I’m sure it was explained to me, but I still felt somewhat unprepared for that outcome. Be very careful when going out in the sun from now on too.

Finally, over time, you may want to look into getting SMP done to give the impression of having more hair. It’s great for if you plan on keeping your hair short.

It’s such a tough thing to go through. I was white as a ghost leaving the clinic. I wish you all the best mate.

cichael714 karma

Cheers mate, yeah the clinic told me all those details so I have an idea of what to expect but if some parts don't take the same as others then it is not ideal, did yours still look good even with a part not taking as well as the rest?

meat_on_a_hook2 karma

wait, so its not permanent?

cichael71 karma

Sorry lol it meant to say was permanent, I've edited that out.

General_Pie2 karma

Surely you have to take finasteride from now on to stop the same hormones that caused the baldness from doing it again. I don't think the 'immunity' transfers.

Edit: Downvote me all you like, I'm just relaying what actual doctors have told me.

Besides, OP the rest of the hair on the top of your head is still going to be susceptible to DHT

cichael71 karma

From what they said and what I read, the immunity does transfer and isn't effected by the same hormones as the hairs that are already on the top of your head. But in the future the follicles could possibly start producing less hair. I really just want hair to last at least another 5 years or so

General_Pie3 karma

I personally would get more opinions on that, because when I was considering it I spoke to a number of doctors in the uk, thailand and australia, and each one said they highly recommend finasteride. I don't think that's such a big problem, but I just wasn't that bothered by then. But I reckon at the end of those 5 years you might wish you had taken it to keep the hair.

cichael74 karma

It is just the possible side effects of finasteride that is putting me off taking it but I will look into it further.

codogdog8 karma

Check out more plates more dates on YouTube.

Yes, the name sounds ridiculous but he’s got really good hair loss info. And he’s got videos arguing both sides for both finasteride and dutasteride.

You’re right to be wary though and I’d look at getting bloodwork and watching yourself, but those drugs help the DHT inhibition portion which is hugely important. Without tackling that portion of the hair loss problem you’re flushing hair down the drain (literally).

For other guys out there. DO NOT WAIT. If you have an inkling that you’re losing hair, LOOK INTO THE DRUGS AND DO RESEARCH.

Don’t delude yourself by growing your hair out while you develop a Norwood 3 thinking you haven’t lost any hair. The sooner you catch hair loss, the better off you will be with finasteride or dutasteride.

If you don’t care about your hair, that’s fine. I thought I didn’t. Turns out I was wrong.

cichael72 karma

I'm a subscriber of his channel anyway so will check out his stuff on hair loss as well. I will look into the DHT blocking more before deciding what to do with it. I'd agree, wish I'd tried fighting my hair loss earlier but would recommend catching it as early as possible. I thought I didnt care about my hair either but as it got worse I'd just look in the mirror and hate it, especially hated in pictures with all my mates.

MarcelVarallo10 karma


But also, super interesting. Most of my questions are more "did it work?" But I guess we won't know for a while. So, kudos for having the bravery to do this for starters. Did you know anyone who did this and had success first or did you just go in blind?

cichael718 karma

Yeah I won't know for a while how it looks. I knew 5 people who had worse hair than me that had been and gotten amazing results so that's why I decided to go.

pinniped17 karma

I have a buddy who started thinning a couple years ago. He went all in on the fully shaved look and loves it.

Did you ever think about doing this? If the transplant doesn't end up looking natural, would you go that route?

Also, did you do anything else in Istanbul? It's one of those cities I've always wanted to visit. Turkish Airlines is pretty flexible on stopovers - I will make it happen one of these days...

cichael79 karma

Yeah I actually shaved my head last year to see how it looked and it actually looked decent, I just decided I wanted to have some hair for the rest of my 20s so just went ahead with it. Nah I didnt really walk about istanbul, I went a little walk just outside my hotel but not much further

PermaDerpFace6 karma

How do you find a good place? I know Turkey was the go-to destination for this procedure, but in more recent years, due to overwhelming demand, a lot of unscrupulous low quality clinics have popped up

cichael72 karma

The company I chose was longvita, I had known 5 people that had been and recommended it. They also have a partner office in London.

TerranKing913 karma

Have you tried any treatment before going to get it fixed by surgery ?

(Minoxidril, or any other mean)

cichael73 karma

I tried using minoxidil and felt it actually made my hair worse, I only used it for 3 months so not sure if I didnt use it long enough or not but didn't try anything else

willtron30005 karma

You didn't do it long enough, in fact you quit at the worst time. Fin & Min both have a shedding period.

cichael74 karma

Yeah I noticed that I didn't do it long enough and that's probably why it made mines worse and not better

XyloArch3 karma

I mean this question from a place of curiosity and respect of course, but what is your personal reason for not just leaning in to being bald? Loads of men, even young men, are bald.

I agree that being balding ages someone a lot if they are under about 50, but being bald (especially if you can muster good facial hair) can look cracking. My understanding is that trying to fight baldness requires a lot of money, pain, and time. You ultimately still lose the battle really, and never have that good a head of hair. I don't get the decision at the moment. I totally back that you should do you and I'm not judging! You are completely at liberty to spend your money and time to do whatever you want with your body, godspeed, but I'm curious as to your personal thought process.

cichael76 karma

Yeah I just decided that I just wanted to take this chance and see how it works out. If it doesn't work out the way I want it to then I will just go bald as I've shaved it before and it actually did look decent.

Aegis_of_perdition2 karma

Can it be done with curly hair as well?

cichael72 karma

I'm sure it can be done with any type of hair but you can ask these questions before deciding to book or pay for anything

DnANZ2 karma

They can do hair transplants in most countries.

I live in Australia for example.

Why did you go to Turkey for it?

cichael76 karma

It was mostly just priced based. Since I'd knows 5 people who had already been to the same place and gotten amazing results I felt confident going there and it was only £1000.

Leaper29th2 karma

Is this only a one-time thing or you have to go for multiple sessions?

Can anyone have it? is there any risk of complications?

cichael74 karma

It's a one time thing for the part of my head I had done so that won't bald but if any other parts of my head start to go bald I can opt to go and get the rest of head head done.

mikeJawesome2 karma

So the area you took the hair from will it always be thinner now?

cichael71 karma

No they take it from the back of your head and each pore there has 3 or 4 hair follicles in it which each contain a few hairs

pkordiasz2 karma

You’re Turkey?

cichael79 karma

I am Turkey.

ecto551 karma

I feel your pain and really hope things work out for you.

I considered all available options when I was at that same crossroads and so wonder whether perhaps you should given the less extreme options a thorough going over first?

I was going bald about ten or so years ago and found / utilize some excellent Singaporean hairpieces that are available if you are willing to spend money. Nothing good is cheap, but that cuts both ways. I have several hairpieces of various cost / quality, and my 'daily driver' (the Singaporean one) is itself made of genuine human hair that matches my original birth hair's colour / hairstyle and is indistinguishable from it.

We have come a long way in terms of hairpiece technology from the bad old days of the 80's or 90's and I wonder whether you ought to have given some of these new hairpieces a good go first?

Anyway, good luck on your scalp healing and believe me, you won't know yourself when you've got your full head of hair back again!! Look out girls!!

cichael73 karma

No I hadn't actually considered doing that, I tried using minoxidil for a few months but it just made it worse. But for the £1000 I paid I thought it was worth it.

Philly5141 karma

What happens when you inevitably start losing at the vertex? You go back in and go through this all over again?

cichael72 karma

I'm hoping that part of my hair lasts another 5 years or so until I'm about 30 then I'm not sure if I'll go back to fix the rest of it or not

zestybiscuit1 karma

What do they advise about exposure to the sun? It seems like you have to go to a warm and sunny country to do this procedure only to then just sit indoors for the week between procedures and check ups.

cichael71 karma

They do advise to try and avoid direct sunlight for a period of time, when I went it was pouring of rain so wasn't much to worry about with the sun

BigBaffle1 karma

Does the hair in the back of your head where the follicles were removed grow back? I can't help but think this is just thinking out the back to get a thin front.

You said you'll need the operation again if the balding continues. But where will the new follicles come from the second time ?

cichael71 karma

So at the back of your head, each pour has about 4 follicles in it that produce a few hairs, so they just take 1 follicle out to put into the front

wobwobwob42-11 karma


cichael710 karma

It isn't fake hair, it is literally your own hair just put into the front of your head from you back. As I've said before I know a few people who have had it and it looks great so no it doesn't draw more attention to your head