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The only time I won "Big" on slots was at Mohegan Sun. I sat down at a penny slot machine to have a smoke after getting my ass kicked at Craps way faster than I expected. I dont normally play slots but I threw in $10 for some reason. I was up to about $13 when the bonus thingy came up and I hit the Jackpot of 50,000....50,000 pennies that is ($500 for the math challenged). I was happy to win the $500 but I really needed to get going, so I called over the change girl as asked if there was a way to skip to the end of the payout, she looked at me like I was crazy and said "Ahhh most people like to watch the numbers go up when they win...", lol. For $50,000 Id stay there all day, but $500...lets move things along. In the end it took 25 mins to pay out, plus the time for the guys to come over and verify the win.

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It would be much more efficient to list the people he doesn't have vendetta...

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Shave that shit. In the 90's I had long Ozzy Osborn like hair. The moment a bald spot showed up I shaved it. Fuck hair. Its bullshit.

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I have also seen it, and it looks like your hair is lawn.

You can believe whatever you want to believe.

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