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Can you post their pics?

I've had it done, paid $3k in Serbia, which I was happy with. But $1200GBP for 3.5k grafts seems amazingly good.

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Xi came to power in 2012, and consolidated power in 2017/18.

So you're/she's saying that almost everyone she knew was in poverty 7 years ago, and was middle-class around 5 years later?

This is total BS.

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When I had it done, I had to spend the next two days basically watering my head every 30 minutes (with saline solution). I had a hotel booked for the next few days and just chilled and watched TV.

I would really not have wanted to drive anywhere or get on a plane.

Plus, like OP, they wanted to check mine (I think it was two or three days after).

I would really not recommend leaving immediately.

Can you not stay longer?

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That's the point.

Talking about Xi and talking about the CPC are very different things.

Xi's rule has marked a massive step backwards, and no one should conflate the two.

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ya I was thinking 1 hour didn't make sense


so you left two days after the procedure? did you consider staying longer?

I think two days after, maybe three, I just went to a different city, but I still felt so sensitive. I was wearing a bandana, but careful about having it touch my head or having my head touch a headrest.

I'd recommend others book a hotel for like a week, then they can treat the last few days as a holiday if they feel fine and want to do stuff.

what did you use for headwear? you felt totally fine flying back so quickly?