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There's only so many limbs and first born children I'm able to spend!

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How much confusion do you come across with regards to the topics of gender/sex and the topic of sexuality.

I'm a gay man and very much feel male, masculine and 'blokey'. In the world of any gender spectrum I would place myself right firmly down on the 'man' end. However from my perspective there seems to be a strong notion that as a gay man I should somehow 'grasp' or 'get' trans issues better than straight people, which I don't.

From my point of view, who I find attractive and what gender/sex I feel I am have nothing to do with one another at all. The historicity of the tying together of trans issues and gay issues is well known and long standing, but I feel it is routed in a shared oppression and not actually in any kind of shared internal experience of ones self, but what are your thoughts?

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I'm only one story, but Accutane didn't really work for me and my skin has been pretty bad in a number of ways ever since. I've still got the spots but also several dry skin conditions over various places. It is also made my joints ache like a bitch when I was taking it. I could not recommend it at all. But I'm only one story.

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Fair enough, cheers for replying!

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The judgement granting relief is available online here. On page 107 there is the sentence

This Court finds and concludes that Kidd has proven his innocence by clear and convincing evidence.

What is the mix of feelings you get when reading that? What is the main feeling? I cannot fathom how numerous and strong they must be.