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Are you worried that the hair transplant might become sentient and start trying to kill you like in the Simpsons?

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Type 3 sma would have been presenting way before age 17. Most sma type 3s can walk with difficulty in childhood but lose this during adolescence. There's a chance that she could have adult onset sma (type 4) but again it is likely she would have some symptoms by now.

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Just to help the person who asked the question. http://www.smatrust.org/what-is-sma/about-sma/ From a UK based charity. Basically 1 is the most severe type and 3 the least. Babies with sma1 are never able to sit independently. People with sma 2 can sit at some point in their lives but not stand. People with sma 3 are able to stand independently at some pint in their lives. Sorry about what you were told OP but people with sma 2 generally are able to have very fulfilling lives: that doctor you saw was just incompetent. Sorry for formatting: mobile.

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I'm interested to know what other treatments you've tried and input you've received before getting to this as a last resort?

I've seen you mention other chemical/drug treatments you've had but have you done any Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or been part of any MDT pain clinics with talking therapies included?