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I personally would get more opinions on that, because when I was considering it I spoke to a number of doctors in the uk, thailand and australia, and each one said they highly recommend finasteride. I don't think that's such a big problem, but I just wasn't that bothered by then. But I reckon at the end of those 5 years you might wish you had taken it to keep the hair.

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Surely you have to take finasteride from now on to stop the same hormones that caused the baldness from doing it again. I don't think the 'immunity' transfers.

Edit: Downvote me all you like, I'm just relaying what actual doctors have told me.

Besides, OP the rest of the hair on the top of your head is still going to be susceptible to DHT

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Yeah I feel you, that's put me off myself and partly why I haven't had it done. Good luck to you and your new mane anyway