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Is there an active community for people with albinism where you live now? Was there one where you lived in Asia growing up?

At what point did you learn that there are others who share your condition and likely many of your experiences?

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How much does the rugby add to the festivities? Is it just dialed up another notch or is it just biz as usual?

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Dude, really?

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I have a buddy who started thinning a couple years ago. He went all in on the fully shaved look and loves it.

Did you ever think about doing this? If the transplant doesn't end up looking natural, would you go that route?

Also, did you do anything else in Istanbul? It's one of those cities I've always wanted to visit. Turkish Airlines is pretty flexible on stopovers - I will make it happen one of these days...

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What do you learn about American history in Chinese primary/secondary schools? If there is anything at all, does it cover the founding principles of the country or is it more about modern foreign policy, involvement in was, etc.?