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Check out more plates more dates on YouTube.

Yes, the name sounds ridiculous but he’s got really good hair loss info. And he’s got videos arguing both sides for both finasteride and dutasteride.

You’re right to be wary though and I’d look at getting bloodwork and watching yourself, but those drugs help the DHT inhibition portion which is hugely important. Without tackling that portion of the hair loss problem you’re flushing hair down the drain (literally).

For other guys out there. DO NOT WAIT. If you have an inkling that you’re losing hair, LOOK INTO THE DRUGS AND DO RESEARCH.

Don’t delude yourself by growing your hair out while you develop a Norwood 3 thinking you haven’t lost any hair. The sooner you catch hair loss, the better off you will be with finasteride or dutasteride.

If you don’t care about your hair, that’s fine. I thought I didn’t. Turns out I was wrong.

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Awesome man, glad to hear it! Derek helped me out a lot. Literally saved my hair.

Yeah, I don't wanna tell people to take the drugs/or that it's the end all be all. But it's effective in keeping the hair you have, people should at least do a little research and see for themselves regarding side effects (for me, I've had no noticeable sides).

Also, since I noticed you talk about Minoxidil, tbh I found the side effects from Minoxidil to be worst than Fin/Dut and I'd actually be more wary of Minoxidil than the other two options, and I also would never do Minoxidil first. That's not stopping the root of the problem (DHT).

Anyways, good luck with the transplant dude. I hope some of the comments don't get ya down either. If hair helps with your quality of life, that's a good thing. I can tell you the decision to not just let hair go has by far been a better decision than letting it go. It varies person by person. One day maybe I'll let it go, but for now, not so much.