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nastyhoneybadger71 karma

I'll have the same procedure in 1.5 weeks. Thanks for describing the pain of the anesthetic jags in detail, already looking forward to it 😂 What do you think, would you able to drive a car the day after? Asking because I still don't know how to go to the airport.

nastyhoneybadger14 karma

If this is how you roll, good for you. Everyone should feel comfortable in his own skin. Same with fake teeth and other medical treatments. You can accept it or you need to change it

nastyhoneybadger8 karma

Good point! I always sleep in the most weird positions, so I guess that will be not the worst part for me. How long did it take in total? I will get 4-4.5k grafts.

And the car ride is 90 Mins, so I guess it's okay, at least better than a 2h train ride on a Friday evening

nastyhoneybadger7 karma

Thanks mate! Hope you are doing better soon and in 3 yrs we can met for some headbanging with our full curly hair ;)

nastyhoneybadger3 karma

They've suggested a one day after check would be enough and that I can fly back the day after. That's also what my friend told me, but maybe I just ask someone to pick me up. Safety first and I don't want to get stopped by the police and looking like one of the goonies.