i have pseudo achondroplasia dwarfism. i smoke weed everyday. i make more jokes about myself than any of you could. i have arthritis and scoliosis as well, AmA! proof: https://imgur.com/a/5WKyold proof 2: https://imgur.com/a/L4lAhts edit: thank you all for all the love, i’ll answer a few more before i head to bed, and try and get as many as i can in the morning. whoever gave me the platinum award you are amazing, the message you left was very kind. i hope to answer all the questions you guys have it makes me very happy there’s this many of you out here interested in what i have to say.

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noctalla1525 karma

Clicked on your picture and I thought you were trolling me with a picture of Pete Davidson at first. Then I remembered you were a dwarf, not a troll. Has anyone told you that you look like Pete?

WaferProof90031060 karma

do i look that much like pete davidson? the troll joke there was the best i’ve heard in a while you got my upvote with that.

Scottishchicken1155 karma

As a dwarf do you still call smoking weed "getting high"?

WaferProof9003638 karma

noknockers said it best

Atsir388 karma

Don’t smoke weed bro, it’ll stunt your growth

WaferProof90031774 karma

favorite joke growing up addicted to nicotine was going up to high schoolers smoking, while i have a cigarette in hand, i’d ask for a light and they’d do it, then i’d take one long slow inhale and say “you know guys. you really shouldn’t smoke it’ll stunt your growth” and before they could say anything i’d walk off.

nickoking837 karma

Is it true that there are no dwarf women and that dwarves simply spring up from holes in the ground?

WaferProof90031149 karma

odd thought on that i’ve never found a dwarf woman i’ve found attractive, i don’t find many dwarfs who like other dwarfs. although i believe we are found at the end of the rainbow and whoever gets there claims us.

Scooter_McSnailtrail162 karma

i don’t find many dwarfs who like other dwarfs

Wait, what?

WaferProof9003831 karma

there’s a lot of dwarf hate amongst us, i’ll be straight forward i know i look decently weird but i’m one of the more normal looking dwarfs, some of us fuckers are creepy.

sudokoupe832 karma

has anybody ever told you that you look like pete davidson?

WaferProof90031145 karma

people always say that but then when i tell people “i’ve been told i look like pete davidson” they say i’m delusional

ramos1969370 karma

Petite Davidson.

WaferProof9003150 karma

this didn’t get enough appreciation

Damo5966738 karma

Don’t know your living situation but if you were on your own how would you organize your kitchen? Would the top cabinets be unused or would you have something to reach them/what have you found best.

WaferProof90031372 karma

in a dream world its build my own house that is kinda half sized, but in the world i’m in the top cabinets would still be used i’d just need a ladder. but god a ladder gets tedious, imagine having to use a step ladder everytime you wanted a glass of water or food.

MasterAdamsIII674 karma

Real talk.. what’s the penis situation like?

WaferProof90031111 karma

in complete honesty when i last took a real measurement it was 7.5, a lot of the women are very surprised, more often than not i have people wanting to see it, or friends telling people “you’ll never believe what i’m gonna show you”

jmcstar382 karma

Asshole to tip of course

WaferProof9003641 karma

givin me credit that’s from tailbone to tip

jahnbodah106 karma

...They call you Tripod?

WaferProof9003128 karma

i get called knees down more than tripod but i’d be lying if i said it doesn’t happen

Steinrikur52 karma

Inches or centimetres?

WaferProof9003456 karma


ggc4619 karma

What are a few simple things you wish people did to make your life easier, but generally don’t?

WaferProof90031551 karma

thinking more into what they ask of us or say we can do, i don’t mean like permission, but if i ask to get something to drink, and you say “cups are in the cupboard” then it’s a bit of a challenge, where as helping them out goes a very long way. if a dwarfs asking you to come with them to do something it’s most likely because they require help but feel comfortable with you helping them over anyone else. also just talking to us, like say you see a dwarf all alone in a coffee shop, go up to them, talk to them, i personally feel alienated a lot, so a compliment or conversation goes a mile, it means alot more than many would expect.

HoggyOfAustralia470 karma

Would that not seem condescending though? I mean I don’t go up and talk to anybody I don’t know out in public, too many loons, so to make an exception purely because of dwarfism seems to me a bit like pandering. I would assume that like everyone else you would not appreciate some random trying to start a convo. So I’d just leave you alone as I do all others.

Btw, I’m out of weed because of 6 months of lockdown, so far, am I’m drooling over those buds.

WaferProof9003312 karma

it’s more so a, most dwarfs don’t get talked to, i’m not saying do a whole ama for a random dwarf, but walking past one and saying “i like your shirt” or sitting by one in a shop and just striking up conversation, stuff like that tends to make disabled people feel more accepted.

artusi_xo430 karma

Have you ever gone down on a woman by standing up? ie: does your face meet crotch. Inquiring minds want to know.

WaferProof9003669 karma

i actually have an it was quite nice, i like tall women anyway so looking up at them ain’t anything new

artusi_xo218 karma

With 7.5” is your nickname tripod or do you call it your third leg?

WaferProof9003691 karma

i’ll call it my peg leg or i’ll say “god took the height but placed it somewhere else”

PollyM16421 karma

How tall are you?

Why is it “pseudo” achondroplasia? (What’s pseudo about it?)

Does your pain require relief and if so, what do you use? (I have severe arthritis, I’m always interested in how other people cope.)

Thanks for doing this!

WaferProof9003730 karma

i am 4’2. so achondroplasia is those big headed dwarfs you’ll see, pseudo means like, so it’s similar to achondroplasia in the sense of our arms and legs are almost the same, but mines different in the sense of my heads average size. for pain i try and stay away from pain killers, but weed is amazing for it. there’s a lot of pain in just walking i’ll tag you in a comment where i went a bit more in detail.

Ebonyks395 karma

Are there dwarves or little people in media that you find to be inspirational?

WaferProof90031703 karma

only one, peter dinklage, he’s the only famous dwarf i see not using his height to get fame, he has actual talent as an actor

flaccidjamaican182 karma

What is overall worse, the arthritis pain or not being able to do stuff like see into your socks and underwear drawer?

WaferProof9003374 karma

the worst thing is having to climb in my own kitchen to get a cup or plate, the pain comes in a close 2nd. it’s the things most wouldnt expect to hurt, i was on a hike today, i walked 3 miles climbed up a mountain, but getting into the car i messed something up in my knee. i think that’s more a dwarf issue though.

Corka180 karma

If you were to play D&D, what kind of character would you make?

WaferProof9003429 karma

i do play occasionally and my main is a warforged! 8 foot tall speaks in a deep tone. basically a post apocalyptic war criminal robot with a human soul trapped inside. i’ll explain more into his backstory if you wanna know!

WaferProof9003122 karma

alright i am back. so my war forged is named kalisi, is 8’7, has a voice deep enough to shake the earth when yelling, and is covered and overgrown moss on his armor. during the industrial war when machines were sent out to fight in place of humans, kalisi fled from the war, and was hunted down as these machines were designed for one purpose, war, and when one gets out it shows signs of freewill, kalisi became a nomadic warrior traveling from land to land with the law barely on his tail. he found a tavern one day and after fighting a drunk bard who was speaking in tongues and slow spoken riddles, the bard dies, after years of it fighting kalisi has forgotten his own strength, but something feels different, a new sense of empathy washes over him, the soul of the bard has went into kalisi, causing a machine with free will and emotional value. what was once a fighter now has turned to a vigilante, taking cases, and hunting down perpetrators. one day he stumbles back into the bar where the bard was murdered, a group of travelers go up to kalisi after hearing all the rumors, once they hear kalisi’s side of things, and see he’s a changed man they all head out of the bar, asking questions as he continues home. he enters his shack that’s barely big enough to fit him and wanders into sleep. waking up the next morning he comes to find the travelers havnt left, instead waiting on him in the morning, knowing he’s the man for the job they confront him with a story. there friend were on a wagon escort job, they havnt heard or seen them in 4 months. the travelers and kalisi head on on what kalisi hopes to be his last job before retiring. always sending quips out about how he’s supposed to be retiring, how he’s to old for this, always lingering in the back from danger, but always there when you need him the most.

Apodyosist177 karma

Would you ever drive a mini cooper?

WaferProof9003474 karma

as a mechanic absolutely not but for the look of them yes

Daviswatermelon148 karma

How are relationships for you? Is it hard finding people who want to be with out without there being any fetishisation involved? Do you feel like there are things you are unable to provide for your partner, wether it be emotionally or physically, because of your dwarfism?

WaferProof9003608 karma

i personally havnt had issues with fetish stuff, but i find it hard to get relationships due to a lot of women’s preferences, you can’t easily change those no matter how kind or respectful you are. i luckily met this woman at 13 and it was love at first sight, not a day goes by i don’t think about her or her beauty, she was the woman to help build my confidence, and help me get a sense of self worth. sadly we aren’t together currently due to some circumstances but she’ll hopefully be the one i end up with here soon! i’m pretty strong for my short size, my biggest worries come with surgery, and depending on them. i am in no way a veteran but when service men come back injured or missing body parts they often tell their significant others to leave them and live their life, sometimes i go 6 months without being able to walk due to surgery, every few years i have to relearn how to walk, i don’t wanna put a woman through that, i want her to be able to live their life, but of course i hope to find someone who will take care of me in the times when i need it. emotionally i’m more emotional than a lot of women i’ve been with, wether it be sad or just having emotions in general, i tend to show them more so that generally isn’t a issue.

Protonis74 karma

May I ask why you need surgery that often? Is it something that comes with dwarfism?

WaferProof9003240 karma

with the dwarfism growth plates in the legs and arms are wonky. so my legs were bowed out and got thin due to calcium deficiencies, so every few years i’d need a rod put in, taken out, leg broken and straightened, stuff like that. in a few months i have 5 back to back surgeries for hardware removal and moving some tendons around in my knee.

Darryl_Lict15 karma

This is really interesting and rather horrifying. Is this surgery common for dwarves (is that the proper pluralization)?

WaferProof900326 karma

even as a dwarf i couldn’t tell you the plural term, maybe the handi-capable’s haha, it’s a pretty common surgery for me, but my dad and grandparents never needed it, a lot of surgeries will be a experimental thing so it’s often the first few times it’s done rather than widely done

jmcstar146 karma

What's is the box near the floor behind you? what's in the box!!

WaferProof9003539 karma

in a drug dealer hank hill voice: marijuana and marijuana accessories.

Nancebythelake98 karma

Reading your answers I didn’t realize you are only 18, you are really wise and eloquent beyond your years. Question: as a mechanic are you able to drive? I know you can modify cars but also wondering if the act of driving can be painful.

WaferProof900378 karma

i appreciate this a lot, you are very kind, i am able to drive a lot of cars without any assistance from extensions or work i’d have to do, it really only becomes an issue in cars with seats that don’t move much, or static steering wheels, however i have made my own extensions out of pvc pipe that were universal for any car! there’s no pain unless the legs are hanging to the pedals, imagine keeping your leg bent and raised off the ground for 30 minutes while you drive.

Tangelooo92 karma

Would you cast the ring into the fire?

WaferProof9003188 karma

is selling it instead a choice?

MailOrderDog90 karma

Are you happy?

WaferProof9003238 karma

it overall depends on the amount of social activity i have to deal with and who it’s with, i have one close friend who i can be in my underwear around and i’ll be confident, but i can be fully covered in public and be recked from all the staring for days. sometimes it bothers me more than others, but over all feeling alienated is a terrible thing. this last week i’ve been on vacation and it’s been the happiest i’ve been in a while. good question.

ThighHighsDoll86 karma


What's the one thing, you want people to know about you?

What are your top 3 favorite films?

WaferProof9003217 karma

i think people should realize that dwarfs are just like everyone else, mainly in the relationship department, a lot of people take height way into consideration, i like tall girls over the short ones so i understand a preference, but i’ve been told “id date you if you were taller” stuff like that is terrible. 1. Stepbrothers 2. That’s My Boy 3. wizard of oz but the dark side of oz remix

flaccidjamaican79 karma

What's your favorite show? Streaming or broadcast.

WaferProof9003188 karma

personally i used to love the office, an ex of mine got me into american horror story though, always love the classic king of the hill and stoner comedies though.

tknee2271 karma

Are you single? And not because of fetish stuff. Because you're attractive and seem cool as shit.

WaferProof900347 karma

i absolutely am single haha! thank you:)

FUDGenerator66 karma

Are your parents dwarfs as well?

WaferProof9003275 karma

my dad is, mom isn’t, grandpa on dads side is, grandma isn’t. great grandparents on dads side are average height. i always say great grandma fucked the milk man.

bungle_bogs66 karma

You are quite a good looking guy. Have been approached to do porn yet?

WaferProof900391 karma

havnt been approached yet but like out in the next few years, i’d do it

PhorcedAynalPhist58 karma

Yo you're seriously so dang rad!! Can I draw the second picture? Like, that is beyond iconic, that would make the coolest f*cking drawing

WaferProof900355 karma

you have no idea the joy it’d bring me to have some art drawn about me! please please do it and let me know when you do!!

PhorcedAynalPhist25 karma

Hell yeah!! Mind if I use male pronouns for the piece? I wanna use "man" or "dude" in some stoner saying around it, but wanna make sure that's cool!

WaferProof900326 karma

absolutely that’s perfect do whatever you think will look good! i can’t wait to see it:)

PhorcedAynalPhist55 karma

I've got a sketch down! I'm gonna take this digital once I'm not stuck in bed, but here's the sketch for you to peep while it's waiting to be finished!


WaferProof900344 karma

dude that is awesome please keep going! the smile that you just lit up on my face is huge, i have to see the finished product!

Lindvaettr54 karma

I was watching Total Recall today and a dwarf prostitute in a pink corset pulls out a huge knife and stabs a guy, then mows down a bunch of others with a machine gun. I thought it was fantastic and amazingly over the top, but I also felt guilty because a non-dwarf woman doing the same thing would've been pretty stand, and it was only absurd because she was a dwarf.

I'll be honest, I'm mostly just looking for validation of either my feelings of entertainment, guilt, or both. Can/should a dwarf character's be cool and tough, and their stature simultaneously be used for comic effect?

WaferProof9003191 karma

stature for dwarfs has been used for comedic effect for hundreds of years, from dwarf throwing to wee-man. i think if it’s a case where it’s meant to be laughed at for the reason of height then absolutely, it’s the same as short jokes, but dwarfs i feel should have more representation as strong and tough people, my grandpa who’s shorter than me was working on and racing muscle cars back in the 60s-70s, he’s done engine swaps himself, did rock crawling, rally driving, if it involves an engine he did it, i know most normal sized people couldn’t do half the things he did with the amount of skill he had involved. personally i love rock climbing and i’m willing to bet money i could be almost any average joe in a contest revolving around that, it takes a decent amount of upper body strength. now in regards to a dwarf doing what you said it’s kinda just silly, now i love guns, but there ain’t no way even if i had the want i’m controlling a machine gun at a moving target, plus my wrists are terrible so i can’t stab for shit, so i’d say it’s pretty laughable for that to be in a show.

adventuregamerseb50 karma

Favourite videogame? And best dwarf representation in media?

WaferProof900397 karma

max payne was always a great series, loved the gta series until 5, never a call of duty fan, but lately i’ve been playing car mechanic simulator, and flight simulator, kinda boring but fun and time consuming. peter dinklage or dwarf mamba, dwarf mamba shows you can get big and popular while facing adversity, i’m not a logan paul fan, but i do like dwarf celebrities,

definedevine43 karma

I'm about to fall asleep and I can't think of anything cool to ask.... but. I'm curious.

Do you ever wish there were more dwarf people in the world? Because I've only seen a few in my short life and I always wish there was more diversity. I understand it's a medical condition to be a dwarf, and it is probably not easy a lot of a time, but... idk. It gets old seeing a lot of the same.

Also how do you feel about dwarf sized cats, or dogs, compared to average sized?

WaferProof9003197 karma

personally i wouldn’t wish being a dwarf on my worst enemy, it’s a tough, and very mentally draining condition. the self confidence issues that come along with staring, or just how i have to do things. arms are shorter so i have to bend my neck to adjust a hat, i’ll constantly question whether i look weirdo while doing stuff like that. a lot of people think it’d be awesome but the pain and mental issues out weigh the positives, yeah i do get to skip amusement parks lines, i get in as a child to almost everywhere, if i meet someone famous they’ll wanna talk, okay maybe it’s kinda cool. but if i saw any more dwarfs i wish that there would be something set up where a non profit can support families who weren’t prepared for a dwarf accommodate for such, i wasn’t known to be a dwarf til a year and a half, so alot of new parents could not be prepared. i also wish foundations such as make a wish would allot dwarfs to be them, i feel it may not be a terminal illness, but it’s a life long one with many complications to come along with, i feel dwarfs genuinely deserve one. dwarfs animals are cool when it’s a medical anomaly but when bred that way it’s terrible, it causes so many degenerative issues in animals it’s not worth a cute dog for it’s pain.

reaganmien37 karma

How do you go about meeting women/date? You mentioned you date and meet tall women, in what forum do you guys meet and get to know each other? Do they usually have specific preferences for short guys or do they date all types? Cheers.

WaferProof900363 karma

i kinda just use dating apps and if we click i’ll meet you, i don’t outwardly go for tall girls, but as a short man they are definitely top tier. i mean not like anyone’s really short compared to me.

sentientfleshlight16 karma

Have you had any notably ridiculous experiences when meeting women from dating apps?

WaferProof900342 karma

overall it tends to just be a one on one ama, but there’s though rare times when they will try and make fun of me, or make a joke that’s more so rude than funny, i’ll make jokes about myself and laugh at ones made at me but the difference between a rude short joke and a nice one is if it’s funny. the older the woman is, which is great for me love my older women, the more kind and understanding they are, people my age rarely understand height doesn’t mean love.

yeetboy32 karma

Probably too late for you to ever get this and respond, but what the hell.

You mention in one of your replies that people should come up to you if you were sitting alone in a coffee shop because your condition can make you feel isolated.

In a coffee shop, if you’re both seated, conversation would be relatively easy since you’d both be close to the same height. But I would imagine it can be really hard on your neck talking to people taller than you for an extended period of time if you’re both standing and they’re significantly taller than you.

So my question is - how do you want people to position themselves when talking with you? Does having to crane your neck to look up at someone when you’re both talking hurt, or are you used to it? Is it condescending if someone crouches to talk with you?

WaferProof900363 karma

it’s a good question, crouching down to their level is super offensive, just stand normally, it does hurt the neck, imagine watching a movie your having to look up at, but it’s a better thing than someone crouching down to get on your level, if anything i’ll yell louder so you can hear me since i’m lower

Fernxtwo28 karma

What's your favourite potato based dish?

WaferProof900324 karma

fried or scalloped potatoes for sure

Dispatcher1227 karma

Does the weed help with the arthritis pain? Considering trying to get a card for that reason but it is an onerous process in my state so I'm wondering if it is worth the trouble.

WaferProof900320 karma

it will give you an unbelievable amount of relief you just have to find what’s right for you and your pain, i’m an indica guy for the weekends, but a sativa during the week, but if i’m going on a hike or gotta be active a indica really helps the body pains.

craigyb2326 karma

Any advice for an average sized dad of a 7 yr old with dwarfism? He recently had his first experience of being called a midget by a classmate last week. He doesn't know what that word means yet but his teacher informed us and initiated an effort for all of his nearby classes to read some books about how people come in all different sizes and that's ok type of stuff. His size doesn't seem to phase him yet but I'm sure it will as he gets older.

WaferProof900355 karma

teach him to defend himself, it may sound silly, but the bullies just get worse, once they realize the height doesn’t change anything and he’ll stick up for himself it’ll cease, they need a reaction to feed on. 7 is very young and it was around then i became aware of the difference between me and the rest. a huge part in my life was a sense of humor, raise him around comedy and it’ll give him such an up around the dwarfism, making people laugh is how i’ve gained most of the respect and friendships i’ve had. another huge thing, when he turns teenage, and starts having women over, support that to the fullest, it doesn’t matter if it’s seeming like a short lived relationship, the confidence issues that come with relationships get worsened by family, for a while i felt as if i should hide having a tall girl friend, as being a short man i didn’t know what people would think, but if you encourage him to put himself out there when the time comes, the confidence and comfortability with relationships will be so strong. i don’t mean push the kid at 10 to start dating, but if he has a love interest and comes up to you asking for a ride or if they can come over, man i’d drop everything and make it how he’d like it, the love he’ll have for you as a supportive father will be more immense than you’ll ever know. another huge thing is helping out with day to day tasks, i already know you do a lot as he’s only 7, but when he becomes a teen let him be independent, but if he asks for help don’t question it, push him to try on his own, but always have his back if he needs some help. just coming onto this post shows your care and love for your child and i must say it’s extremely admirable. also push him into sports or skating, i felt so pushed away from that stuff do to my disability, but having parents who will support you no matter what it is that you wanna do will reinforce that he can do anything, the height doesn’t change that. make sure he gets a good education as well, there’s a lot of dwarfs who live off the government and can’t do a lot with their life’s, keep him active and moving so he knows he can do more. don’t cut him to much extra slack due to the dwarfism, he’s as normal as you just short, he can do everything you can with just extra steps, make sure he knows that. i love this question and maybe i went more personal with it, but growing up as a dwarf these are the things i wish my parents would’ve done for me, not in a sad sappy way, but it would’ve helped my childhood ten fold.

craigyb2329 karma

Thank you so much for your response. He definitely has been raised with comedy and makes me laugh more than anyone. He has recently taken an interest in baseball so I will likely get him into little league next summer. I am dreading the teenage years since that was a time in my life I personally struggled with due to being extremely introverted but so far he is the complete opposite of me in that respect so I am glad for that! I will keep these things in my mind as he grows up. I do not personally know anyone else with dwarfism so it's good to hear from someone with experience.

WaferProof900333 karma

if you wanna keep in contact this is the only reddit account i have and i’ll gladly stay in touch about any questions or thoughts about having a dwarf child, honestly it’d be nice to hear how it is having a dwarf child from a parents perspective

rawr-barian13 karma

What’s your favorite song and or music style?!

WaferProof900328 karma

lofi pop or those early 2010 songs, mike posner, stuff alike!

rsogoodlooking13 karma

What about your home? You said you step up to get a cup of coffee. Why is your place not designed for you to walk to the counter and get coffee at like 30" or so?

WaferProof900333 karma

so think about this, i’m 50 inches, shoulders and head just above the counters, imagine reaching the back of those counters now with trex arms. you don’t wanna keep everything right on the edge either, so it’s kinda a give an take, put stuff in my reach and have it out of place, or climb for my stuff and it look nice.

herondalespetduck12 karma

Were you conscious about your height growing up?

WaferProof900360 karma

self conscious yes, but that came into fruition in middle school. conscious about how i was different, i didn’t know i was any different until elementary school, i never noticed me not being the same, a lot of disabled children don’t until brought up by an external force, i think if we got to a point in society where kids weren’t ones to stare, and we got a lot of normalization as well as accommodation where they wouldn’t need to feel different many disabled kids would go on to do great things. kids are kids though and it’s bred into human nature to be interested by the different, you can’t hold it against them, but if your a parent and you don’t call your kid out on it i will.

Makoreactors9 karma

Are those normal grams of weed. The same 8-10$ grams you can get ??? Look huge in yo hand

WaferProof900323 karma

that’s about half a pound haha little more than a gram, about 200x more.


Is ur dick dwarfed as well or its regular sized? Sry about the question lol but i need the answer

WaferProof900334 karma

7.5 inches last i measured and completely straight, it’s only a bone disease and well my pecker ain’t a bone haha

firebearsfb2 karma

Is this supposed to be a roastme?

WaferProof90034 karma

i should post there next shouldn’t i

natesovenator1 karma

What is your profession?

WaferProof90031 karma

i’m holding it haha