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favorite joke growing up addicted to nicotine was going up to high schoolers smoking, while i have a cigarette in hand, i’d ask for a light and they’d do it, then i’d take one long slow inhale and say “you know guys. you really shouldn’t smoke it’ll stunt your growth” and before they could say anything i’d walk off.

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only one, peter dinklage, he’s the only famous dwarf i see not using his height to get fame, he has actual talent as an actor

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thinking more into what they ask of us or say we can do, i don’t mean like permission, but if i ask to get something to drink, and you say “cups are in the cupboard” then it’s a bit of a challenge, where as helping them out goes a very long way. if a dwarfs asking you to come with them to do something it’s most likely because they require help but feel comfortable with you helping them over anyone else. also just talking to us, like say you see a dwarf all alone in a coffee shop, go up to them, talk to them, i personally feel alienated a lot, so a compliment or conversation goes a mile, it means alot more than many would expect.

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in a dream world its build my own house that is kinda half sized, but in the world i’m in the top cabinets would still be used i’d just need a ladder. but god a ladder gets tedious, imagine having to use a step ladder everytime you wanted a glass of water or food.

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I personally have no care about either, the only term I don't enjoy is midget. That word was used against me my entire childhood, my fathers childhood, and his fathers childhood.