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Does the weed help with the arthritis pain? Considering trying to get a card for that reason but it is an onerous process in my state so I'm wondering if it is worth the trouble.

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What's your feeling about carrying Narcan? I've been thinking about getting some to put in my own First Aid Kit. I'm a former EMT and present 911 dispatcher in an area with its own OD issues.

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Do you find that dealing with the practicalities of death makes it less a thing to dread or fear?

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We had a bad batch of fentanyl laced heroin go through here a few years ago and I can attest that one dose didn't bring them around.

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There's a couple of reasons. In my area, that being rural Pennsylvania, how accurately we can phase locate a cell caller depends on their carrier and whether they've invested in the area you happen to be. I can run a ping and in some cases it's giving me the point of last triangulation, not where you happen to be at the moment. When people call me from the highway that runs through my county I can see where they are right down to the mile marker but if they are in the bottom of Pine Creek Gorge on a trail I might only get the tower they are hitting. In an urban area, remember that 911 might be able to ping your location to a point but, are you on the first floor or the fifth? What apartment? It just isn't that precise at this point.